Positives: Amazing location, great views Show more Negatives: Horrible customer service Comments: Condos from 1st phase are great. The plan was to move into Tower 1 and then look at Tower 2 when it was ready. 4 years later we feel like we are still in start up mode. I’m not going through this again with Tower 2 and I cannot in any way recommend a condo project with Westcliff. Once they have finalized the purchase with you, they no longer want anything to do with you. Corrections of deficiencies are only addressed after legal threats as they don’t want a negative reputation on the books. When something is done, it is done half way. Everything is botched. They have a bad reputation on the Island. Residents on the Island tend to move from one project to another. Nobody from the Island would move to Symphonia Pop knowing that chaos still exists at Symphonia Tower 1. Ex: Landscaping on side of building that looks like hurricane Irma ripped through it, elevators that are practically finished after 4 years, people had no cold water for 4 years and some still don’t...etc.. Show less
Response from Westcliff June 22, 2024
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