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Positives: Decent materials, good layouts, good initial service Show more Negatives: Poor longterm repairs, minimal effort, corner cutting builder Comments: Water leaked into my locker. It has now been nearly half a year and the storage locker is still completely unusable. I'm told by neighbours that there are other water leak and drainage issues in the building. To top it all off, there was a water leak from the above unit. The water that came through was contaminated water from a dishwasher. During the repair, I was very surprised that Woodbridge simply cut out the drywall and replaced it with the very same piece. I now have to live in my unit with dishwasher food in my ceiling and haven't been able to live normally for several months. Woodbridge refuses to accept liability for future issues despite initially saying they would. TLDR: The developer is too cheap to care about making fixing things for the long term. Scrutinize all of their work and get everything in writing. Expect to spend a week cleaning before move in. Leaky Condos were supposed to be an early 2000s thing but apparently Woodbridge likes to build them. Show less
Response from Woodbridge Homes June 20, 2024
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