Positives: Great location and comparable price. Quality-built structure of Home Show more Negatives: Tough to get builder and fix mistakes. Sales person could have been more knowledgeable Comments: Our home was built in October 2013 on time. We had to have the builders back numerous times to fix mistakes. Our neighbors bought the exact same model and we found numerous differences in the quality of work and the placement of fixtures, faucets and electrical outlets. Our largest complaint was a cold draft in the main wall coming from our fireplace. Cold air poured out of the outlets and trim from the windows. We had them in to assess the situation but they assured us that that was normal. I'm sure it will cost hundreds to fix and makes me angry every time I feel the cold air. As soon as the builders were done our subdivision they moved on to Angus and were very tough to get back in to fix things. All in all I love her house but there are a few things I definitely would change. Show less
Response from Lancaster Homes February 29, 2024
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