Positives: Close to shopping with a vehicle Show more Negatives: Poor quality, cheap materials, exterior driveway and yard unfinished at closing Comments: We bought a four bedroom house (Harry model). On closing day, we noticed the trickling of water from the walls in the basement and was told by builder that we should have used a humidifier (as if this is our responsibilty to keep basement dry on the first day we had the keys to the house). Materials are really cheap for the price. Handrails going upstairs is just a piece of wood (I saw this kind in basements). Toilets are tiny and low (think of your kids' kindergarten washrooms, it wouldn't handle anyone that is more than 200 lbs. Driveway and sodding won't be done until next year! Kitchen door is screwed shot as it is not safe to go out from the kitchen. This worries me a lot about a fire exit in the kitchen. Yards are still being dug up, no one could walk around the house. It's a house sitting on mud and snow removal would be a major problem come wintertime. There won't be a surface to salt or plow. It's unethical that Foxwood decided to sell at half finished work. Buyer beware! Show less
Response from Foxwood Homes February 29, 2024
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