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Positives: None Show more Comments: As first time home buyers, we were so excited to have purchased in the devloping neighbourhood of Lakeview, and start our family. After several months of delays and limited communication, we received an email that the development had been cancelled due to "increased costs and lost lender funding". Can't wait to watch our future home be resold at an escalated price, likely by the same developer but under a different name. Buyers beware! Show less
Response from Dunsire Developments June 22, 2024
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Positives: The positive was that I discovered the truth before spending my money. Show more Negatives: The sale people are yuk; rude and unprofessional. They were like children fighting that whoever spoke to you for a minute on the phone own you and any potential commission your interest represents Comments: The extra fees for the "private road snow removal and garbage pick-up" amount to over 40,000 over the 25 year term "if" the rates stay the same over 25 years - highly unlikely. The stats don't add up when comparing to other builders. The bungalow with loft was cheaper with Sloot (custom home builder) and that was on a walk-out to conservation with 9 foot ceilings. You'll pay a ton of extra cash for any changes whereas with slot it's a custom design. The builder made a big mistake when he hired those inexperienced realtors to represent his pocket book and has lost one sale at the very least. They were greedy, sincere and completely unprofessional, like kids fighting over who spoke to you first. Go look at Sloot instead, at least you don't have to put up with a big sideshow full of incompetent actors and actresses, and you can actually view his work and not have to guess at how they'll turn out. The floors are also engineered and not real hardwood - what else have they cut corners on? Show less
Response from Dunsire Developments May 06, 2015
Hi Brianna, We are sorry you had this experience at our sales centre. We take customer service very seriously and will correct this with our sales team immediately. As per the common element fees, infill locations require funds to develop and maintain their own infrastructure and common areas. Freehold units are found more on the outskirts of the city where green fields are converted into new subdivisions. Engineered hardwood offers greater benefits when compared to solid hardwood. It will not shrink and expand, and it isn’t inclined to moisture and scratching like solid hardwood. We take great care in researching the innovative materials used in construction to ensure that no corners are cut and that the upkeep, longevity and quality of your home are taken into consideration. We’d love the chance to better your experience with Dunsire. If you have any other questions or concerns we’d love to chat! Please contact us at info@dunsire.com or call us at 1.888.519.2346 x 204. Show more Show less