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Positives: The building is very well managed, maintenance fees have actually gone down! Show more Negatives: The lobby needs improvement, construction of the building took far too long and there are still some things not completed. Comments: I have lived in this building for almost 3 years and although at first I was concerned about the value I received for my purchase things have worked out quite well. Costs are contained, property values are solidly up and the quality of living in the building is great. Big thanks to property management (Duka) and the board of directors, I know that they don't get thanked often but these individual certainly deserve it .. I mean where else have you heard of a 5% reduction of maintenance fees in the first year AND I just was told by property management that our new budget is a 0% increase. :))) Our board consists of Kaive Wong, Darryl McGregor, George Laczko, Anastasia Mustafina and Ray Blanchard. Great job all! With prices per square foot approaching $1000.00 I think all owners at Ltower should be quite thankful. B.V., Owner for the long haul. Show less
Response from Castlepoint Numa November 29, 2023
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