There is no point in restraint when it comes to a dream home. The name itself implies lofty ideals that are indulgent and opulent. The real question is- what décor elements and features bring a home out of the realm of reality to dream level? For starters, without an underwater room, wine-on-tap and hammock flooring, your dream home is just a flight of fancy without anything fancy. And that’s pretty boring. So, may we suggest…

An indoor slide.

indoor slide - dream homeindoor slide - dream home 2Photos: Core

Let’s face it. Stairs are boring. And if you are uber-rich, shouldn’t everything in your life be about making things easier and more fun, even if it is going to your main floor from upstairs? And if you are clever about your design, you can create a noteworthy focal point at the same time. 

A secret wine cellar at the end of a spiral staircase.

spiral staircase wine cellar - dream homePhotos: imgur

Hidden staircase with a secret wine cellar? This just shouts intrigue and cloak and dagger, even if the only mystery you are going to solve is which Cabernet Sauvignon to serve with dinner.  

A regular spiral staircase.

Grand spiral staircase - dream homePhoto: imgur

A spiral staircase is grand, and if placed correctly can be the show-stopper on your main floor. There is so much opportunity to weave in intricate, interesting décor details. Open spindles and open risers are ideal if you want to mesh the staircase into your space, or close it in with textured plaster or ceramic for a more contemporary look. 

Floor-to-ceiling windows. Everywhere.

glass walls - dream homePhoto: denoxa

Natural light is a must for any homeowner, but for dream homeowners, it’s an absolute must. Not only do stunning floor-to-ceiling windows pull in tons of light, consider the vistas offered through them. Bare windows are best for the views, or if you need privacy options, use retractable shades. 

A below grade, glass-encased room that looks out into a moat-like pool.

underwater room - dream homePhotos: Guz Architects

A moat-like pool sounds like an extra feature that would lift a regular home to dream-home status. Comfortable, custom seating nearby is a nice touch, with the glass water wall behind. 

Glass floors.

glass floors - dream homePhotos: Tradition

Gaze down upon your treasures. Glass floors are a fancy detail that is most definitely part of the dream home realm- as you would need dedicated cleaning staff to maintain them after use. Having glass floors gives an entirely different dimension to uninterrupted sightlines, and gives you a bird’s eye view of your home’s symmetry in design. 

A retractable window wall for the summer.

retractable window - dream homePhoto: BWArchitects

If the above design isn’t to your liking, we have 14 others hereDream homeowners should be able to enjoy all the seasons in their splendor without having to leave the living room. A retractable window wall lets you have that connection with outdoors, ready to pull back to take in the summer breeze, or go into place to shelter from the elements. 

And a rooftop patio for all of the time.

rooftop patio - dream homePhoto: Corinthia Hotel

There is no better way to while away those evenings than on a rooftop patio, where you get those million-dollar views. Glass railings are a nice way to enclose and define the space without blocking the sightlines. 


An 18-person hot tub.

giant hot tub - dream homePhoto: spambient

Because a hot tub for less than 18 is not nearly big enough when you are talking dream home. This proves a valuable point. When planning a dream home, take a common home feature and make it bigger. This one not only features tons of seating, you’ve even got a built-in bar. Yes, of course with a built-in TV. Order it here.

And an 800-square-foot sauna.

sauna - dream homePhoto: Partisans

Like the Grotto Sauna on a private island just outside Toronto. Saunas are an excellent home feature to promote health and wellness, and this one is extra-fancy because of its size and also the rich curves creating a porthole to take in the views and a skylight. The rounded edges here create calm. 

Hammock floors.

hammock floors - dream homePhotos: IF

A dream home means having options everywhere, so why not have material on your floor that is conducive to hanging out with your book, or grabbing a quick nap? These are playful, and hint of those summers at sleepaway camp. 

Full-ceiling skylights.

full-ceiling skylight - dream homePhoto: Golden Crown

If a skylight is a portal to the outdoors to access light and air, it only makes sense to make them broader to better accomplish that task. You can sleep under the stars without swatting away mosquitos or wicking away the morning dew. 

An aquarium bed.

Aquarium bed - dream homePhoto: imgur

“Luca Brasi sleeps with the fishes.” It’s perfect when you can combine your hobbies with your furniture, and this aquarium bed gives new meaning to sleeping amongst the fishes. For a more authentic experience, ask Alexa to play ocean sounds while you fall asleep, dreaming of the seashore. 

An extensive in-home library.

home library - dream homePhoto: imgur

For a bibliophile, an extensive home library is the whole dream home. It’s even better when you’ve got a comfy chair with a view and a ladder to reach those original editions. All that is missing here is a fireplace to curl up in front of. 

With a hidden room behind it.

hidden room - dream homePhotos: Creative Home Engineering

Good reads are based on good settings, so shouldn’t your home library have a hidden room to stash your top-secret belongings? There is a great mystery story here, just waiting to be told. 

A Star Trek-themed theater room.

star trek home theater - dream homePhoto: Douglas Elliman Real Estate

Just one of many nerd dens in this $35 million Florida estateYour dream home should reflect your personality and passions, so if Star Trek is your jam, you should have a den to recreate the experience whenever you feel like it. Authenticity and details matter here, so go all out to recreate it. You can afford it! 

And a 1980s arcade room.

Acrade basement - dream homePhoto: imgur

This one was built by a father-son duo. You should probably hire them to do yours. For dream homeowners of a certain age, many a Saturday afternoon was spent cruising the arcade with a fistful of quarters, cheering your friends on to their high score in Ms. Pac Man. This arcade is stocked with all the games you remember, along with retro bar stools and a candy dispenser so you can relive the good old days. 

A Lego wall for the kids.

lego wall - dream homePhoto: imgur

The junior set deserves some input to their dream home as well, and if you canvassed a room full of kids, chances are a Lego wall would rank very highly in must-have features. How amazing to be able to mold your creations at eye-level, and equally amazing for the parents, who won’t have to trip on Legos underfoot. 

A dining room swing set.

dining table swing - dream homePhoto: Duffy London

Will set you back $6,900, but so worth it. Having a swing set for your dinner table is highly efficient as you can burn some calories while eating your dinner. Also- it‘s fun and whimsical, which should be the overarching theme of a dream home.  

A pub-inspired basement.

pub-inspired basement - dream homePhoto: imgur

Believe it or not, this was also a DIY jobIn the era of work-live-play at home, it only makes good sense to have your local conveniently located in your own home. This snug pub has all the hallmarks of an authentic British pub, with warm woods and frosted glass. 

And an underground bowling alley.

bowling alley basement - dream homePhoto: Clutch Design Studio 

Just think of how great your game would be if you had your own bowling alley right in your home.  This one is particularly rich with wood detailing and stone tunnels that resemble a mine shaft. 

More amazing basement designs here.

A wine dispenser in the kitchen.

wine dispenserPhotos: Napa Technology

This bad boy will preserve four bottles of wine for up to 60 days — not that you’re actually going to need that kind of time. Buy one hereIf having a large wine cellar isn’t quite enough for your dream home, up the ante with an in-kitchen wine dispenser to facilitate serving and storing. It might be a bit much for a lone home cook, but no doubt would be the central point during your parties. 

And a walk-in beer cooler.

walk-in beer cool - dream homePhoto: KegWorks

In lieu of a food pantry, which you definitely won’t need. Buy it for $7,299And beer drinkers should have options too, including having ample, temperature-controlled storage in this walk-in beer cooler. There is enough room for your select IPAs and craft brew gems, along with your kegs and handy tap for when you’ve got a crowd. 

A shower at the foot of your bed.

bed shower - dream homePhoto: imgur

Because you’re filthy rich. Having a shower right next to your bed is handy, especially when you oversleep. What this middle-of-the room shower limits in terms of privacy, it makes up with convenience. 

A hammock-shaped bathtub.

hammock bathtub - dream homePhoto: Splinter Works

UK design firm Splinter Works’ “Vessel” comes in a variety of colors, including silver, bronze, and even pink. This bathtub truly invites rest and relaxation, although– much like with a real hammock, you might have a hard time getting in and out. Pro tip- buy yourself a matching footstool and handrail to facilitate entry and exit. 

An indoor pool with a swing.

indoor pool and swing - dream homePhoto: imgur

A high-end home might have an indoor pool- but a dream home elevates that experience with a swing. Another nice touch here is the built-in benches with tons of throw pillows for relaxing upon, post-swim. 

fireplace and hot tub - dream homePhoto: imgur

This dreamy hot tub next to a rugged stone fireplace is the ultimate spot to unwind. A bank of windows overlooking the forest gives the sensation that you are outside without having to deal with the elements and pests. 

A second fireplace on the back porch.

outdoor fireplace - dream homePhoto: imgur

There is nothing more elegant than a graceful verandah, and this gently curved porch is that and more. The tall stone fireplace is the perfect centerpiece in this outdoor space, tying it all together while radiating warmth. 

An outdoor kitchen.

outdoor kitchen - dream homePhoto: imgur

Outdoor kitchens are becoming more and more popular, even amongst the regular non-dream homeowners, because it increases your useable living space. It also is so much easier to be able to prep and cook all in the same spot, without carting all your supplies in and out from your kitchen to your grill. 

And an outdoor living room.

outdoor living room - dream homePhoto: FG+SG – Fernando Guerra

As seen here in São Paulo, Brazil’s Lee HouseA room without walls, but with all the comfort and style of the indoors is a decadent choice. Seating that inspires conversation is important, as is an eye-popping fireplace for those chillier nights 

And while we’re at it, an outdoor bathroom.

outdoor bathroomPhoto: OutdoorLiving

Whether you choose to have a full shower in the great outdoors, or just want to rinse off after spending time outside, an outdoor shower is a must. This one incorporates lots of plants in the shower enclosure, to emphasize the outdoor component.  

A bed that rocks.

rocking bed - dream homePhoto: imgur

Lull yourself to sleep with a rocking bed. Its curved lines provide an interesting canopy and headboard, although making it in the morning might be a challenge.

And finally, a luxury tree house in the backyard.

luxury tree house - dream homePhoto: imgur

Who doesn’t love a treehouse nestled in the woods? This treehouse falls decidedly into the glamping category though, with its soaring ceilings and catwalks.

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