Whether you’ve got a staycation planned, or just want to make more of your outdoor space at home, the opportunities provided by backyard bay are plentiful.  Here are some suggestions on how to transform your backyard easily and economically

Say goodbye to winter and hello to outdoor entertaining.

Assemble a cozy outdoor theater.

backyard diy outdoor theaterPhoto: imgur

Movies under the stars! Does it get any better than that? There are tons of options. You can either mount a white sheet or use a blank, light-colored wall to project upon. If you want to invest in a large screen, you can, but these DIY options work pretty well. Don’t forget rows of comfy seats, blankets- and of course the popcorn!

Instructions for a DIY projection screen.

Dig a hole and bury the trampoline.

sunken trampoline backyardPhoto: Sunken Trampoline

Placing the trampoline in the ground helps de-clutter your backyard, as many trampolines come with big, clunky frames. It’s also safer when you are closer to the ground, although netting around the trampoline is always a good idea.

Transform the backyard shed into a bar.

backyard shed barPhoto: imgur

It will be 5 o’clock permanently in your backyard if you transform your shed to a tiki bar. All you need are some cool retro stools and a stocked bar. The neon open sign is a nice touch too. Now all you need are your patrons.

Or a chill spot.

backyard shed loungePhoto: imgur

Or if backyard libations aren’t your style, transform your shed to suit your needs- for a home office removed from the main house, a yoga studio or gym, rehearsal space, or simply somewhere to hang and relax.

Build yourself a pallet table with a built-in flower bed.

backyard pallet tablePhoto: californiahome.me

The backyard is better when you can max out on plants and flowers and creating a pallet table with a built-in garden is a way to do just that. Pallet tables are easy to assemble, and you can create space for seasonal, low-maintenance foliage.

Instructions here.

Or a picnic table with a built-in beer cooler.

picnic table beer coolerPhoto: Home Depot

If you want something a little more casual, building the beer cooler right into your picnic table is a DIY project that you can enjoy all summer long. No need to get up to refresh your beverages. You can also use the ice to cool food you’d like to serve on the table.

DIY tutorial here.

If you need more table space, install a fold-out table along the fence.

backyard fence table 1backyard fence table 2Photos: Sensibly Sara

Planning on entertaining? It’s quick and easy to install a table top that folds out when you need it and away when you don’t. This is especially useful if your yard is small, so extra tables won’t get in the way of your other backyard activities.

How-to guide.

Make your garden glow with rope lighting.

garden rope lightingPhotos: the11best

Lighting isn’t just for the indoor part of your home. Incorporating subtle lighting in your garden, like with rope lights, can help illuminate your path, as well as create a soft glow on those summer evenings.

For another whimsical effect, drill holes in your fence and fill them with marbles. They’ll shine in the sun.

marble fence daylightPhoto: creatingreallyawesomefreethings

This hack lets you take advantage of natural light to create a very cool, very colorful effect. Marbles are inexpensive and this DIY project is easy to complete. You get a lot of bang for your buck décor-wise here.

How it’s done.

Live far from water? Build your own backyard beach.

backyard beachPhoto: Pinterest

A day at the beach without leaving home? Yes please! This elevates the whole backyard bay experience. Bring in sand and design a beach area where you can walk barefoot and pretend you are having a day at the shore.

Learn how it’s done here.

With a stone fire pit.

DIY fire pit backyardPhotos: theinspiredroom.net

If you only choose one project in your backyard, do the DIY stone firepit. There is nothing quite like relaxing fireside, no matter the season. Whether with smores, or a warm cuppa or a good glass of wine, this is one easy DIY project you will get lots of mileage out of.

Step-by-step guide this way.

DIY a swing bench or bed using pallets.

pallet swing backyardPhotos: The Merry Thought

While away the hours on your back deck in a porch swing, sipping lemonade. Don’t have a swing, or a porch? No problem. Build a base out of pallets and hang it from a tree.

DIY instructions.

Or you could simply turn an old broken chair into a swing.

swing chair backyardPhotos: husohem.se

Or, in the spirit of upcycling, use an old chair destined for the landfill. Make any minor repairs that you need, remove the legs and give it a fresh coat of paint, and you’ll be swinging.

It’s easy.

Convert a portion of your lawn into a putting green.

backyard putting greenPhoto: Little Bit Funky

The backyard is the perfect place to practice your short game, even if you don’t have room for a full golf green. Create a putting green using turf. Make it pretty by landscaping the edges with mulch and plants. Now to work on perfecting your drives off the tee…

How it’s done.

Dig yourself a stream.

Diy backyard streamPhoto: Liaigre

Water features in the backyard are one of the most coveted items, and can be extremely expensive to design and install. However, digging yourself a stream and lining it with river rock is easy and affordable. Bonus- include plants that have naturally cleaning properties to keep your water sparkling clear.

Give your kids another reason to play outside with a chalkboard fence.

outdoor chalkboardPhoto: heytherehome

Your kids will be keen to play outside, when they have this giant chalkboard at their disposal. For drawing, to keep score during various backyard games, or as a backdrop for imaginative play, this is easy to install.

Here’s how to make yours look as good as the one above.

Build your own rock-climbing wall.

DIY rock-climbing wall backyardPhoto: DIYNetwork

A climbing wall is a great addition to your yard that will get lots of use. Start by determining what space you’ve got available and build your frame accordingly. You can either make a wall standing solo, with the proper supports, or mount it on part of an existing structure. Make your wall extra fun by including climbing handles in interesting shapes.


And giant game of Scrabble.

backyard scrabble diyPhoto: betterhomesandgardens

Game night can go outside with giant-sized Scrabble pieces. Cut square pieces of plywood, spray paint white and paint on the letters. You can either create a game board with tape or a larger piece of plywood or let your game free form on the grass.

Learn how here.

And the ultimate slip and slide.

backyard-slip-and-slidePhoto: imgur

Who needs the waterpark when you’ve got your own, oversize slip and slide?  It doesn’t get any easier than this. For extra fun, create a number of “lanes” if space allows, to have races side by side.

All you need is a couple hundred yards of industrial plastic sheeting, dish soap and a hose.

And of course you’ll want a tree house. Erect something really simple.

diy backyard tree housePhoto: ApartmentTherapy

Your backyard wouldn’t be complete without a treehouse. While there are some elaborate designs, embrace the spirit of simplicity and stay basic. Ideally, creating a simple platform with steps or a simple rope ladder up the tree trunk would be easiest. The treehouse is a unique haven for imaginative play, so your kids will take it from here.

How-to over at Apartment Therapy.

Or go all-out.

luxury tree housePhoto: imgur

Your backyard wouldn’t be complete without a treehouse. While there are some elaborate designs, embrace the spirit of simplicity and stay basic. Ideally, creating a simple platform with steps or a simple rope ladder up the tree trunk would be easiest. The treehouse is a unique haven for imaginative play, so your kids will take it from here.

More amazing tree house designs right here.

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