Looking for the perfect animal-themed home furnishing to adorn your barn-to-residential conversion? We got you covered.

Cat couch

cat couchPhoto: Unfold

Large enough to comfortably sit a dozen people. Or, let’s say 300 cats.

Horse lamp

horse lampPhoto: Front

Majestic in real-life, tacky in your living room.

Pig and cow dresser with goose end table

animal cupboardPhotos: Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba

Like one of those meat cut charts, but for books and things.

Octopus table

octopus tablePhoto: Isaac Krauss

This coffee table has eight-legs. Obviously.

Bird’s nest bed

giant birdsnestPhoto: Oge-group

What an egg-traordinary design! Comes in various sizes, from an intimate nest for two, up to one that can comfortably seat 16.

Pig love seat

pig couchPhoto: Pavia Burroughs/Etsy

Why does he look so sad?!

Giraffe highchair

giraffe highchairPhoto: CoolestKidFurniture

You’ll be scrubbing baby pablum out of the mane after every meal.

Tappezzeria Rocchetti’s tiger sofa and panther love seat

tiger couchpanther couchPhotos: Tappezzeria Rocchetti

Sure, animal print is ugly, but include a life-like head and then you have something truly horrifying.

Hippo table

hippo tablePhoto: Mark Stoddart

What is that hippopotamus doing at the dining table? He’s a hungry hungry hippo. HA!

Maximo Riera’s animal chairs and toad sofa

beetle chairrhino chairtoad sofaPhotos: Maximo Riera

No. Just, no.

Egg rug

egg rugPhoto: IncredibleThings

Yes, we realize a rug doesn’t count as furniture, nor are eggs considered animals. But whatever, they’re close.

Claude and François-Xavier Lalanne bird bed

bird bedPhoto: Animalarium

Kind of looks like something out of a Tim Burton Batman film, no?

Armin Blasbischler’s Orson series

orsonII_3big tableorsonIII_4_640Photos: Armin Blasbischler

Nothing says ‘here lives an animal lover’ quite like a set of taxidermy tables.

Animal-ish stool

animal stoolPhoto: Takumikohgei

We’re not sure what this is supposed to be.

Sheep chair

sheep chairPhoto: Vi.sualize

Count sheep to fall asleep, and then this three-headed monster will haunt your dreams.

Animal obsession not yet satisfied? From cat spatulas to manatee tea infusers, here are 10 ridiculous animal-themed kitchen accessories.

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