While often overlooked, staircases can add architectural character to a home. Building codes be damned — we chose a myriad of safe and (after a glass of wine or two) unsafe stairwells for this roundup.

1. A wood and glass staircase with jagged lines.

staircase jenga-compressedPhoto: imgur

2. A central staircase in a Victoria, BC home that appears to float.

floating staircase-compressedPhoto: imgur

3. An open staircase that reveals a wall of books.

library staircase-compressedPhoto: imgur

4. A glass spiral staircase that leads to a pool area.

spiral staircase-compressedPhoto: imgur

5. A wood and glass staircase with a marble feature wall.

wood and glass staircase-compressedPhoto: imgur

6. A playful staircase that is also a bookshelf and a slide.

slide staircase-compressedPhoto: media.boingboing.net

7. A commanding glass and steel staircase in a Tribeca loft.

glass and steel staircase-compressedPhoto: cdn.myfancyhouse.com

8. A spiral staircase that vaguely resembles a spine.

contemporary staircase-compressedPhoto: imgur

9. A double grand stairway in what was the most expensive home on the market in the US.

glam staircase-compressedPhoto: imgur

10. A contemporary floating staircase with a splash of color.

red floating staircase-compressedPhoto: imgur

11. And another red staircase that appears to be hanging from the ceiling.

red staircase-compressedPhoto: imgur

12. A white and wood staircase with an abstract curtain wall.

modern divider staircase-compressedPhoto: imgur

13. A staircase that doubles as a desk.

staircase desk-compressedPhoto: imgur

14. A staircase made out of 20,000 LEGO bricks.

lego stairs-compressed

Photo: imgur

15. A steel and solid wood staircase that intersects a Williamsburg townhouse.

metal stairs-compressedPhoto: imgur

16. A loft staircase with fishing net instead of a handrail.

fishing net-compressedPhoto: imgur

17. A natural edge staircase with a raw, unfinished look.

natural edge-compressedPhoto: imgur

18. A light and airy staircase in an eighteenth century loft in Milan.

wood and white staircase-compressedPhoto: imgur

19. A staircase with an intricate branch detail in a North Dakota hunting lodge.

branch staircase-compressedPhoto: awoodrailing.com

20. A staircase disguised as a built-in shelving unit.

built-ins staircase-compressedPhoto: imgur

21. An optical illusion staircase in a Manhattan apartment.

optical illusion staircase-compressedPhoto: imgur

22. An eye-catching suspended staircase that leads to a lofted bedroom.

suspended staircase-compressedPhoto: imgur

23. A light-up, color changing staircase.

light up stairs-compressedPhoto: imgur

24. A modern black and white staircase in a family’s Moscow home.

modern-compressedPhoto: imgur

25. And finally, a sculptural metal staircase that leads to a rooftop terrace.

roof deck stairs-compressedPhoto: imgur

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