If the car doesn’t fit, you’ve got some serious decluttering to do.

1. First, pick your preferred storage solution. Slatwall panels offer a clean, minimal aesthetic.

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2. Pegboard is another fantastic option, and easier on the wallet.

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3. If you’re a renter, choose shelving units that can move with you.

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4. Store out-of-season items in clear plastic bins (so you can see what’s inside of them) and slap on some labels.

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5. Keep gardening tools firmly in place by installing a wall-mounted rack.

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6. Get bicycles off the floor by hanging them vertically.

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7. Use an overhead storage rack for bulky items, like suitcases, pet carriers and plastic bins.

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8. Add a mesh basket to corral sports balls with ease.

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9. Keep muddy boots out of the house with a wall-mounted shoe rack stationed by the door.

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10. Avoid tangles by wrapping long cables around hooks and securing them with velcro.

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11. Use drawer liners to prevent tools from slipping and sliding.

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12. Install a shaker peg rail to keep cleaning supplies out of sight, but always nearby.

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13. Reduce visual clutter by opting for closed storage cabinets.

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14. Build a workbench on castors that can be carted around when you’re toiling away on a project.

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15. Design a personalized landing zone to organize your family’s shoes, coats and backpacks.

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16. Make use of every square inch of space with a floating corner shelf.

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17. Use a recycled pool noodle to keep fishing rods standing upright.

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18. A vinyl lattice panel is perfect for organizing cans of spray paint (an over-the-door shoe organizer works, too).

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19. Invest in heavy duty magnetic strips so you can easily access the tools you need.

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20. Store car detailing spray bottles on a wall-mounted towel bar.

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21. And finally, DIY a vertical shelving unit to prevent recycling bins from taking up valuable floor space.

Photo: homeimprovementwoodworking/Instagram

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