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Pinterest is uniquely qualified to make trend predictions for the year ahead. After all, it’s a collective vision board for more than 320 million users all over the world. When I’m searching for ways to style my nightstand or bake the perfect loaf of banana bread, it’s the first resource I turn to.

Earlier this week, the social media platform released its Pinterest 100 annual report, a roundup of emerging trends that are projected to take off in the new year — with data to back up their picks. This year’s report is divided into 10 themes, spanning search categories like food, home, style, beauty, health, travel and family. 

For the sake of brevity, we’ve narrowed down our list to the top 20 home trends that will define 2020. Keep scrolling to find out what’s in store for the new year and decade, according to Pinterest.

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1. Unisex nurseries

Photo: carlyamcdonagh/Instagram

Why push gender norms on someone who was just born? Keep your baby’s nursery gender neutral with an equally neutral color palette and whimsical decor.

2. Thrifted home decor

Photo: trove.collected/Instagram

Trends are cyclical and chances are that brass figurine or leopard print throw pillow on your decor wish-list can be found for less at a local antique mall. Thrifted home decor is sustainable and stylish!

3. Garden room

Photo: kvitka_v_byte_/Instagram

There’s no one way to design a garden room — any plant-filled space with ample natural light will do! Check out these 21 unbe-leaf-able homes if you’re in need of some inspiration.

4. Spanish bathrooms

Photo: miradorgroup/Instagram

A Spanish-style bathroom wouldn’t be complete without bold, patterned tile. When paired with sculptural vanity mirrors and vintage-inspired light fixtures, the look is muy caliente.

5. Outdoor bars

Photo: inspireloveweddingandeventhire/Instagram

Why leave the house to go to happy hour when you could host one in your own backyard instead? DIY outdoor bars will be all the rage in 2020 — get started on yours before the weather warms up!

6. French antiques

Photo: shopsupermarche/Instagram

Ornate, gilded mirrors were arguably the “it” decor trend of 2019, and this Parisian apartment staple isn’t going anywhere in 2020. Other French antiquités to consider include linens, vases and oil paintings.

7. Granny pods

Photo: neilkellycompany/Instagram

The phrase ‘accessory dwelling unit’ isn’t nearly as cute as ‘granny pod’ but that’s precisely what they are. These backyard retreats are perfect for in-laws or out-of-town visitors in need of privacy.

8. Product swaps

Photo: wildsagehandmade/Instagram

It’s easy to reduce household waste with the myriad of eco-friendly products currently on the market. Use your plastic tupperware until it’s worn out or no longer functional and then replace it with a set of glass food storage containers that will last for years to come.

9. Indian living rooms

Photo: thejungalow/Instagram

Look to India to inspire your next living room makeover. Think bright colors, overstuffed floor cushions, brass accents and rich woods.

10. Coffee stations

Photo: casahaus/Instagram

If your New Year’s resolution for 2020 is to save money, cutting back on Starbucks runs is a good place to start. Set up your own caffeination station at home, complete with mugs, machines and your preferred blends.

11. Audio rooms

Photo: thevinylwall/Instagram

Turn that flex room into an escape for listening to your favorite records. Display your vinyl collection with pride in a custom-made cabinet or on wall-mounted shelves.

12. Japanese tubs

Photo: signaturehw/Instagram

Japanese tubs are ideal for tight spaces, offering all the self-care benefits of a good soak within a smaller footprint. They’re ultra-deep (typically more than 22 inches) and include a seat for optimal relaxation.

13. Home theaters

Photo: inspire_me_home_decor/Instagram

Bingeing Netflix on your laptop is so 2019. In the year ahead, design your own home theater with comfortable seating, an HD projector and maybe even a popcorn maker.

14. Feng shui decor

Photo: harrah.brown/Instagram

There are plenty of free or low-cost ways to feng shui your home — by decluttering, adding plants, rearranging the furniture and integrating pops of color. Adopt these ancient design principles to welcome good energy into your space.

15. Dog patios

Photo: patiopetlife/Instagram

This seems superfluous, but if you’ve ever lived in a high-rise with a dog, the risk of an in-elevator “accident” is very real. Grass pads, which can be made of real or artificial turf, are quickly gaining popularity with urban dog owners. 

16. Australian landscaping

Photo: fig_landscapes/Instagram

Aussies know how to design party-ready outdoor spaces with drought-tolerant plants. They’re particularly keen on native, easy-care greenery and creative hardscaping.

17. Every-kid playrooms

Photo: minnieandmeinteriors/Instagram

If you’ve got kids of opposing genders or don’t want to force the whole ‘pink is for girls, blue is for boys’ thing on them, consider a neutral playroom that will appeal to everyone.

18. Indoor water fountains

Photo: depot_online/Instagram

Drown out the sound of your upstairs neighbors screaming at each other à la Marriage Story with a soothing indoor water feature.

19. Outdoor cat playgrounds

Photo: milk_puffs/Instagram

Just because your cat is *technically* an indoor cat doesn’t mean they can’t have fun in the sun. Build them an outdoor playground where they can scratch a post or keep a close eye on the neighborhood birds.

20. Outdoor indoors

Photo: calimiahome/Instagram

A sunroom can feel downright summery even in the dead of winter. Fill yours with plants and beachy rattan furniture for a laid-back feel.

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