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Ho, ho, ho-my God, IKEA just rolled out another holiday collection and believe me when I say you’re going to want everything in it. The aptly-named VINTERFEST includes 191 products, ranging from artificial greenery to seasonal decorations and entertaining essentials. 

IKEA’s other holiday collection, VÄRMER, primarily features furniture pieces, whereas VINTERFEST is all about festive holiday decor. It’s ultra-affordable too, which means you’ll have plenty of cash leftover for shopping on Black Friday. In fact, the most expensive item in the collection is a seven-foot artificial Christmas tree for just $50. Keep scrolling to shop our roundup of the 15 merriest VINTERFEST pieces.

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1. Set of three decorative Christmas trees, $2.99

Photo: IKEA

Group these bottle brush trees together on a fireplace mantle or place them under a glass cloche for a vintage Christmas feel. 

2. Artificial potted plant, indoor/outdoor Christmas tree, $19.99

Photo: IKEA 

Petite Christmas trees are officially ‘A Thing’ this year. This two-and-a-half-foot cutie comes pre-potted, so it’s easy to wrap the base in burlap or plop it in a woven basket.

3. Tealight holders, set of four, $1.99

Photo: IKEA

For $1.99, you can’t not afford to pick up a set of these adorable tealight holders. Arrange your softly glowing holiday village on a console table or floating shelf.

4. Three-tier serving stand, $12.99

Photo: IKEA

Holiday decor you can use long after the holidays are over? That’s a win in my book. This three-tier serving stand can be changed up seasonally or used for serving hors d’oeuvres.

5. Artificial garland, indoor/outdoor, 3 ¼ yards, $9.99

Photo: IKEA

Garlands are so versatile, you can basically string them up anywhere. During the holidays, use it as the centerpiece of your tablescape or drape it along a stair railing.

6. Santa Claus decoration, $9.99

Photo: IKEA

For reasons seemingly beyond my control, I’ve written about the Swedish tomte multiple times. People can’t get enough of these folklore creatures with oversized, pointy hats and nary an eyeball in sight. This pigtailed tomte would be an adorable addition to your holiday decor.

7. LED napkin holder, $7.99

Photo: IKEA

Once again, this is an item you can leave out on display all winter long. The napkin holder features a built-in timer that automatically turns on the light at the same time every day and then makes it shine for six hours. And since it’s an LED, it has an approximate lifespan of 20,000 hours.

8. Artificial wreath, indoor/outdoor, $2.99

Photo: IKEA

This minimalist, artificial wreath looks like a Pinterest project you’ve been meaning to tackle for years but never got around to. Hang it on an interior door or above your bed to create an instant focal point.

9. Serving bowl with lid, $9.99

Photo: IKEA

This sculptural glass bowl is practically begging to be filled with peppermint candies or holiday-hued M&Ms. At six inches tall, it’s the perfect size for your coffee table or kitchen countertops.

10. Artificial bouquet, $9.99

Photo: IKEA

Who has time to stop by the florist for a fresh bouquet during the busy holiday season? This artificial one looks so real your guests won’t even know the difference.

11. LED decorative mushroom light, $5.99

Photo: IKEA

Do I need a decorative mushroom light? Probably not. Do I want a decorative mushroom light? Absolutely. 

12. Three-pack of ornaments, $5.99

Photo: IKEA

The pattern on these partially-recycled ornaments feels vaguely shibori — perfect for a non-traditional holiday color palette. They’re made from a durable material, so if you accidentally drop one while trimming the tree, it won’t shatter.

13. Artificial wreath, indoor/outdoor, $4.99

Photo: IKEA

I had to limit the number of minimalist wreaths I included in this roundup (for the record, I want them all), but this hoop wreath was a standout. Why not buy a few and hang them in a window at different heights?

14. Lantern for tealight, $9.99

Photo: IKEA

This gold lantern has an old timey feel — while you can’t use the knob to adjust the flame level, you can insist on carrying it around the house like you’re living in Victorian times. 

15. Champagne cooler, stainless steel, $34.99

Photo: IKEA

Tired: Hosting a holiday party and storing the champagne on the back porch, buried in the snow.

Wired: Hosting a holiday party and storing the champagne in a luxurious cooler like a goddamn adult. 

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