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Buying packages of fresh herbs from the grocery store is probably the biggest scam we buy into as consumers. Why spend $4 on thyme when that chicken dish you’re making for dinner calls for only a single sprig? It’s high time we all started growing our own herbs. As long as you’ve got a sunny window or a sliver of outdoor space, you can make it work. Here we’ve rounded up 13 ideas for growing delicious and nutritious herbs at home.

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1. Transform a big, blank wall by installing a design-forward hanging planter.

Photo: briahammelinteriors/Instagram

This welded steel planter from Etsy seller MadeWithThese2Hands allows you to easily remove the individual pots for pruning or watering.

2. Arrange a collection of planters and herbs on floating shelves for an eclectic feel.

Photo: neptunehomeofficial/Instagram

Who says planters have to be matchy-matchy? Don’t be afraid to combine styles, sizes and textures.

3. Build a vertical garden with slanted shelves to allow the herbs to soak up plenty of sun.

Photo: build_something/Instagram

Generally speaking, herbs need about four hours of direct sunlight per day. If you’re handy, download the full instructions on how to build this space-saving vertical herb garden on

4. Raid the recycling bin for coffee cans to create a low-cost hanging herb display.

Photo: ricola/Instagram

Be sure to drill a few holes into the bottom of each can to allow for proper drainage. If you’re not a fan of the chrome look, use spraypaint to add some color.

5. Mount adhesive display ledges to add visual interest without compromising your security deposit.

Photo: rikkisnyder/Instagram

These no-damage display ledges are by Command™ and have a weight capacity of two pounds.

6. Or, lean a shipping pallet against the wall for a renter-friendly outdoor herb garden — no power tools required!

Photo: Pinterest

Discarded pallets can harbor bugs and bacteria, so we recommend using them outdoors only. You can find flower pot mounting rings on Amazon or at home improvement stores like Lowe’s or Home Depot.

7. Pick up inexpensive potted herbs from the grocery store and replant them in glass mason jars.

Photo: izzi47/Instagram

PSA: Trader Joe’s sells fresh herbs for $1.99 a pop! At that price, you won’t feel too guilty if they wind up dead in a couple of weeks.

8. Use a garment rack to hang planters without drilling any holes in the ceiling.

Photo: likyloo/Instagram

This stylish herb garden is easy to move indoors once the temperature dips. The garment rack featured in the photo is from Kmart Australia, but you can find similar indoor/outdoor models at IKEA.

9. Devise a three-tiered plant stand using plastic and wooden crates.

Photo: Pinterest

Wooden crates are ideal homes for herbs, lettuce, strawberries, dwarf vegetables and more. Don’t forget to line them with plastic and add holes for drainage!

10. Repurpose an over-the-door shoe rack to hold a large assortment of fresh herbs.

Photo: kellymooreclark/Instagram

We love how the greenery cascades over the pockets. Over-the-door shoe racks can be purchased from the dollar store — don’t forget to pick up zip ties while you’re there.

11. Macramé your way to a vertical herb garden using cotton rope.

Photo: Jenny Morris

Livabl’s own Jenny Morris provides step-by-step instructions and shares her go-to balcony garden herbs here.

12. Wheel a bar cart under a sunny window to keep your herb garden thriving year-round.

Photo: lindseyreganthorne/Instagram

13. And finally, turn discarded soda bottles into a verdant, herb-scented oasis (…but maybe take the labels off first).

Photo: hortacomprazer/Instagram

If you’re going away on vacation this summer or tend to be extremely forgetful when it comes to wetting your plants, try these self-watering soda bottle planters instead.

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