A colorful home is a happy home!

1. Paint a circle behind your headboard to make a decorative object pop.

Photo: tealanchordesign/Instagram

2. Add a splash of color to the inside of your closet.

Photo: tlee79/Instagram

3. Include an interior door in your DIY wall mural.

Photo: msviciousdesign/Instagram

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4. Paint half of an accent wall in a diagonal direction.

Photo: candycoloredhome/Instagram

5. Take inspiration from your existing decor, like this painted stripe that complements the curtains.

Photo: hausmatter/Instagram

6. For an unexpected pop of color, paint the edge of an interior door.

Photo: banyanbridges/Instagram

7. Highlight a sculptural stairway railing with a bold hue.

Photo: dorabeehome/Instagram

8. Brighten up a boring corner with a few sample pots of paint.

Photo: earthlyurbaninteriors/Instagram

9. Tape off a triangular shape to create a spotlight effect.

Photo: goldalamode/Instagram

10. Or skip the clean lines altogether and opt for visible brush strokes.

Photo: bebopdani/Instagram

11. Paint half of the wall and cap it with a correlating color.

Photo: enter_my_attic/Instagram

12. Jazz up your walls with some 90s-inspired squiggles.

Photo: eviekemp/Instagram

13. Design a graphic stripe border for a more minimal aesthetic.

Photo: home_ec_op/Instagram

14. Make one hell of an entrance with vibrant trim.

Photo: shoestringstyle_/Instagram

15. And finally, splash color on the stair risers (in ROYGBIV order, of course).

Photo: thetiffanypratt/Instagram

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