Sick of the same old, same old? Give one of these living room design ideas a go.

1. Layer area rugs to cover more square footage and up the coziness factor.

Photo: creekwoodhill/Instagram

2. Install a picture ledge to easily switch out artwork and family photos.

Photo: kismet_house/Instagram

3. Rethink your fireplace — use paint, tile, stone veneer, or invest in a whole new mantle.

Photo: shopfarmhouseliving/Instagram

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4. Fill an awkward corner with a large indoor plant.

Photo: francois_et_moi/Instagram

5. Do a quick and easy paint update, like this moody, half-painted wall.

Photo: wembley_park/Instagram

6. Upgrade your lighting, an often overlooked design element.

Photo: thecuriousnatalia/Instagram

7. Be bold with your choice of accent chairs — they’re less of an investment than a sofa.

Photo: aglassofbovino/Instagram

8. Choose a different shaped coffee table than the one you owned previously.

Photo: wholethompsonlife/Instagram

9. Carve out a little reading corner where you can get lost in a good book.

Photo: bykristinalynne/Instagram

10. Do a clutter sweep, removing any unnecessary decor.

Photo: minimalhomesinspiration/Instagram

11. Wallpaper a feature wall (choose peel-and-stick if you’re afraid of commitment).

Photo: farrowandball/Instagram

12. Shop your own house to restyle shelves and other flat surfaces.

Photo: neon_doves/Instagram

13. Add a trendy new throw pillow into the mix.

Photo: thrifty_abode/Instagram

14. Create a focal point by DIY-ing a piece of oversized art, like this Ellie Cashman wallpaper applied to a canvas.

Photo: cohesivelycurated/Instagram

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