Spoiler alert: white and wood pair well with every color.

1. Dark teal and white

Photo: loomandkiln/Instagram

2. Sage green and white

Photo: cartelledesign/Instagram

3. Natural wood and black

Photo: newoldcustomhomes/Instagram

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4. Pewter and charcoal gray

Photo: amberinteriors/Instagram

5. Classic black and white

Photo: semihandmade/Instagram

6. Hunter green and white

Photo: abeautifulmess/Instagram

7. Robin’s egg blue and white

Photo: James Bombales

8. Olive green and wood

Photo: tessaneustadt/Instagram

9. Bubblegum pink and white

Photo: earthlyurbandesign/Instagram

10. Persimmon and white

Photo: habitardesign/Instagram

11. Navy blue and white

Photo: paigejonesphoto/Instagram

12. Soft gray and black

Photo: j_l_milton/Instagram

13. Walnut and white

Photo: jute_interior_design/Instagram

14. Blue-gray and white

Photo: azford/Instagram

15. Yellow and white

Photo: rachelvigorstylist/Instagram

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