So many tiles, so many pattern possibilities.

1. Laying square tile in a vertical brickwork pattern.

Photo: thecalilehotel/Instagram

2. Opting for a half-tiled tub surround (in retro pink, of course).

Photo: Pinterest

3. Installing matte-finish, elongated subway tile vertically.

Photo: the_stables_/Instagram

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4. Straight-stacking 2×8-inch tiles for a modern look.

Photo: kohleraustralia/Instagram

5.  Combining two tile shapes in the same color.

Photo: freshexchange/Instagram

6. Pairing picket tile with a square-shaped mosaic.

Photo: brandonarchitects/Instagram

7. Going pattern crazy with buffalo check cement tile.

Photo: lindyegalloway/Instagram

8. Or limiting a bold pattern to just one wall.

Photo: forgeandbow/Instagram

9. Capping off a penny round tile backsplash with pencil molding.

Photo: e.l.diomede/Instagram

10. Inlaying tile in a contrasting color to add interest.

Photo: rachelhalvorson/Instagram

11. Coupling fish scale tile with large-format porcelain.

Photo: jfy_designs/Instagram

12. Connecting tile to hardwood flooring.

Photo: interior.therapy/Instagram

13. Laying porcelain tile in an eye-catching herringbone pattern.

Photo: mandarinstoneofficial/Instagram

14. Installing trapezium tile in a mesmerizing geometric pattern.

Photo: mandarinstoneofficial/Instagram

15. And finally, using both high- and low-priced materials to create a striking shower feature.


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