A colorful home is a happy home.

1. Elegant navy paired with white trim.

Photo: xomrsmeasom/Instagram

2. Tone-on-tone green featuring hints of gold.

Photo: cottage_a_day/Instagram

3. Soft grey punctuated by canary yellow.

Photo: yellowprairieinteriors/Instagram

4. Deep teal contrasts against rust red.

Photo: primrose_homediys/Instagram

5. Pastel purple evokes a candy-colored dream world.

Photo: katyclagett/Instagram

6. Crisp white combines with tuxedo black.

Photo: willowhomesbham/Instagram

7. Vibrant yellow edged in eggshell white.

Photo: laureabsil/Instagram

8. Rich burgundy accented by mustard yellow.

Photo: rebeckaq/Instagram

9. Inky black adorned with brilliant white trim.

Photo: house214design/Instagram

10. Blush pink featuring a splash of teal.

Photo: draperjames/Instagram

11. Sage green complemented by classic black and white.

Photo: angelhisbeloved/tumblr

12. Citrusy orange subdued by dark cyan.

Photo: robkarprealestate/Instagram

13. Pale blue peppered with taupe.

Photo: theclassicoutfitter/Instagram

14. Blue-grey highlighted by maroon and milky white.

Photo: grace–upon–grace/tumblr

15. Peachy pink accompanied by Tiffany blue.

Photo: constance_rbn/Instagram

16. White brick warmed up with natural wood.

Photo: scoutandnimble/Instagram

17. Aqua embellished with buttercup yellow and crimson.

Photo: food_people_places/Instagram

18. Blue-grey tinged with cherry red and pearly white.

Photo: michelle_remmers_nolaliving/Instagram

19. Apricot orange mixed with black and white.

Photo: adrianacostaphotography/Instagram

20. Oatmeal enlivened by a punchy pink.

Photo: howieguja/Instagram

21. Weathered brick enhanced with hunter green.

Photo: Pinterest

22. Plum perfected with a steely grey-blue.

Photo: plum.diary/Instagram

23. And finally, a radiant rainbow gradient. ?

Photo: vebston-rose/tumblr

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