Let it all hang out.

1. Metallic sconces put the spotlight on floating shelves that flank the stove.

Photo: heidilachapelleinteriors/Instagram

2. A mix of cookbooks and kitchenwares creates an eclectic feel.

Photo: heatherbullard/Instagram

3. Polished gold brackets pop against a subway tile backsplash.

Photo: a.jennisoninteriors/Instagram

4. Hanging shelves are a fresh take on the kitchen design trend.

Photo: ohfarmhouse/Instagram

5. Pipe shelving adds industrial modern flair.

Photo: seattlehouseflips/Instagram

6. High-placed wraparound shelves offer a unique silhouette.

Photo: paulinahospod/Instagram

7. Stacks of colorful dishes brighten up a neutral-toned kitchen.

Photo: kpspaces/Instagram

8. Matching open shelving to lower cabinets creates continuity.

Photo: dchristjanfinecabinetry/Instagram

9. Recessed open shelving provides the opportunity for decorative lighting.

Photo: tomhowleykitchens/Instagram

10. Knotty pine paired with vintage pottery lends a rustic feel.

Photo: korinteriordesign/Instagram

11. Shelves that run the full length of the wall offer ample storage.

Photo: crane.mountain.cottage/Instagram

12. Afraid of commitment? Experiment with just one or two shelves.

Photo: lindyegalloway/Instagram

13. Hooks help to maximize every square inch of space.

Photo: liz_kamarul/Instagram

14. Corner shelving is also a smart solution for tiny kitchens.

Photo: stovoldandpogue/Instagram

15. A single, wraparound shelf allows you to display artwork and collectibles.

Photo: thisoldhudson/Instagram

16. Scissor gate-style brackets give off a Steampunk vibe.

Photo: architecturaljustice/Instagram

17. And finally, a painted backdrop delivers beautiful color contrast.

Photo: cameronbraun/Instagram

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