Moving is the worst. These tips will ease the process.

1. Make a packing supplies box with all the essentials.

packing supplies box-min Photo: Kelsey Pudloski

Avoid stress by keeping everything in one container. Other than boxes, you’ll likely need packing tape, markers for labeling, pen and paper, plastic baggies, bubble wrap and newspaper.

2. Cut handles in your cardboard boxes.

DSC_1043-min Photo: Kelsey Pudloski

They’ll be much easier to carry. Use a box cutter or serrated knife.

3. Color code your boxes and label them by room.

label boxes-min Photo: Kelsey Pudloski

Be sure to label the side of the box, not the top. In addition to color coding, you may want to number your boxes and list the contents.

4. Cut down on bubble wrap by using scarves, socks, towels and t-shirts for padding.

use scarves, socks, etc-min Photo: Kelsey Pudloski

Bubble wrap is difficult to recycle, so try to use as little of it as possible.

5. If you don’t subscribe to any newspapers, use a phone book or catalog as stuffing.

DSC_1037-min Photo: Kelsey Pudloski

When was the last time you ordered something from a catalog, anyway?

6. When taking apart furniture, keep screws and hardware together in plastic baggies.

baggie-compressed Photo: Limor/Flickr

Again, don’t forget to label them.

7. No wasted space! Use any receptacle you can.

no wasted space-min Photo: Kelsey Pudloski

Your great-grandmother’s steamer trunk crossed an ocean. It’s now more than ready to cross town.

8. Tape your hangers together to keep them from getting tangled.

hangers-compressed Photo: Kelsey Pudloski

A bit of masking tape around the hooks and bottoms will do wonders.

9. Pack a closet full of clothes using trash bags.

pack clothes Photo: Kelsey Pudloski

Handle-tie bags work best, but you can always cut a small hole in the sealed end of the bag.

10. Use rolling luggage for extra heavy items like books.

heavy suitcases-min Photo: Kelsey Pudloski

11. Take a photo of the back of your TV or game system so you’ll remember how to set it up.

DSC_1025-min Photo: Kelsey Pudloski

12. And don’t forget to label all those pesky wires.

label wires 2-min Photo: Kelsey Pudloski

Labeling is life.

13. Use Glad Press’n Seal to keep jewelry organized.

jewlery display-min Photo: Kelsey Pudloski

This method works especially well with jewelry display boards.

14. Plastic wrap will keep toiletries from exploding during your move.

toiletries up close-min Photo: Kelsey Pudloski

Just screw the top back on and you’re good to go.

15. It can also be used to transport an entire tray of cutlery.

saran cutlery-min Photo: Kelsey Pudloski

Plastic wrap all the things!

16. Use styrofoam plates to protect your dishes.

styrofoam-compressed Photo:

Simply place a styrofoam plate in-between each ceramic plate. Full instructions here.

17. Wine crates are fantastic for storing glassware.

wine crates-compressed Photo: Thomas Quine/Flickr

Your local liquor store will likely give them to you for free.

18. Wrap smaller breakable kitchen items in tea towels.

plates in towels-min Photo: Kelsey Pudloski

It makes for a more efficient move.

19. Defrost your refrigerator 24 to 48 hours before moving it.

fridge-compressed Photo: Richard Kelland/Flickr

….or you’ll have one hell of a mess.

20. Pack your plants in an open box and separate them with cardboard and stuffing.

plants-min Photo: Kelsey Pudloski

Plants are living things, so give them plenty of TLC during the move.

21. Fill nail holes with a bar of soap.

soap Photo: Kelsey Pudloski

It really works!

22. Use an old sheet to protect your mattress during the move.

old sheet-compressed Photo: Chelsea Matthews/Flickr

Keep it safe from dirt, dust and scuffs.

23. If possible, clean your new apartment *before* the move-in date.

empty apartment-compressed Photo: Matt Bidulph/Flickr

Scrubbing the toilet after a long day of moving? No, thank you.

24. Have pets and/or children? Arrange for someone to watch them during the move.

baby and dogs-compressed Photo: Visa Kopu/Flickr

Toddlers are adorable, but they’re not very good at unpacking a truck.

25. Paid a security deposit? Take photos of your empty apartment to ensure you’ll get it back.

take pictures-compressed Photo: Bruce Aldridge/Flickr

Do this when moving out of your old place and when you arrive at the new apartment.

26. Pack an overnight bag so you won’t have to search through boxes to find your toothbrush.

overnight bag Photo: Sarah/Flickr

Suggested items include toilet paper, phone charger, clean linens, toiletries, garbage bags, change of clothes, medications and coffee…don’t forget about the coffee.

27. And finally, crack open a bottle of bubbly!

champagne-compressed Photo: Ginny/Flickr

While some say it’s best not to serve alcohol until the move is complete…we say do what you want.

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