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Upcycle old crates as a storage bench or shelving.

balcony crates Photos: Pinterst

DIY a hanging lounge chair with some rope, doweling and cloth.

diy lounge chair Photo: themerrythought

Step-by-step directions.

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Build a mini fire pit by securing a can of chafing fuel in a flower pot.

diy balcony fire pit Photo: theblueeyeddove

Instructions here.

Create mood lighting by placing candles in mason jars.

mason jar candles balcony Photo: unskinnyboppy

Turn your outdoor space into an open-air office with this balcony desk.

balcony desk Photo: balkonzept

Costs about $145 USD. Order one here.

No matter how grimy the railing and concrete may be, you can cover it up with blinds, wicker fencing, floor slabs and stones.

balcony-reno-1 balcony-reno-2 balcony-reno-3 Photos: imgur

Step-by-step guide here.

Or try easy-to-install interlocking deck tiles.

interlocking deck tiles balcony Photo: handydeck

Buy them from IKEA.

Lay down AstroTurf and the balcony becomes a backyard.

balcony astroturf Photo: Pinterest

A tablecloth slathered in a water-based polyurethane becomes a durable outdoor rug.

tablecloth balcony rug Photos: Design Share

Tutorial here.

Add a bit of greenery with hanging pots.

hanging pots balcony Photo: Pinterest

Or invest in some railing planters.

railing planter Photo: ippinka

Buy them here.

For a cheaper flower bed/pot option, re-purpose a pallet or tin cans.

balcony flower pots Photos: sowswell

Flip over a tomato cage and you have an elevated pot stand.

tomato cage potted plant balcony hack Photo: chatfieldcourt

Think you don’t have enough space for a barbecue? THINK AGAIN!

balcony railing barbecue Photo: menkind

This space-saving balcony barbecue hangs from the railing. Order it here.

Sewing two placemats or a vinyl tablecloth around a pillow will it make it weather-resistant.

placemat pillow balcony hack Photo: happylooksgoodonyou

Instructions here.

Cinder blocks and a few wood slabs is all you need for a durable bench.

cinder block bench balcony Photo: alickapromise

Easy instructions here.

Or an outdoor shelf.

cinder block shelf balcony Photo: campfirechic

Or flowerbed.

cinder block flower bed balcony hack Photo: modernlywed

Yeah, try painting it!

Nosey neighbors? Hang some drapes.

balcony privacy drapes Photo: Apartment Therapy

Or roll out the privacy canvas.

balcony privacy canvas Photo: nortene

Turn your balcony into the ultimate bohemian hangout with a hammock.

balcony hammock Photo: Apartment Therapy

Or go all out with cushions, pillows and string lighting.

cozy balcony Photo: Imgur

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