Turn homely into homey.

Conceal TV cords inside a shower curtain rod.

hiding eyesores - tv cordPhoto: freshcrush

How-to guide here.

A length of crown molding will also work.

hiding eyesores home - tv cordsPhotos: julieblanner

Detailed instructions here.

Other unsightly cords can be decorated in attractive suede casings.

hiding eyesores - electrical cordsPhoto: housetweaking

Buy them at craft supply stores.

Upgrade your ugly kitchen appliances with faux stainless steel contact paper.

hiding eyesores - stainless steel contact paperPhotos: julieblanner

Instructions here.

Or you could try liquid stainless steel paint.

hiding eyesores - stainless steel paintPhoto: thecraftpatchblog

Or go with chalkboard paint.

hiding eyesores - painting the fridgePhoto: rootandvineblog

Then you’ll always have a place for grocery lists, recipes and love notes. How-to guide here.

Install a power strip in a drawer and charge gadgets out of site.

hiding eyesores - power strip drawerPhoto: Reddit

A staple gun and some fabric is all you need to disguise a gross box spring.

hiding eyesores box springPhoto: rainonatinroof

This method doesn’t even requiring sewing. Instructions here.

Use curtains to hide wire storage shelving.

hiding eyesores wire shelvingPhoto: athoughtfulplace

Or for a low profile option, use molding slabs.

hiding eyesores wire shelving 2Photo: focalpoint

Takes a bit of work, but still a very doable DIY project.

Don’t want your TV to be the focal point of the room? Cover it up with wall art.

GIFPhotos: tulipandturnip

The above was done using a printed canvass from IKEA. Here’s the DIY tutorial.

Hide the router behind the spine of an old book.

hiding eyesores - router book coverPhoto: look-what-i-made

How it’s done.

For bulkier devices, take a handful of books and build a hidden storage compartment.

router book coverPhoto: sewingbarefoot

Tutorial here.

Paint your unattractive vinyl or linoleum floors.

hiding eyesores - painting vinyl floorsPhoto: designertrapped

It’s easier than you might think.

Floor tiles too.

hiding eyesores - painting tilesPhoto: kellysmoonlight

Cover up an unsightly air vent with a rubber doormat.

eyesores-vent-door-matPhoto: curbalertblog

A coat of spray paint will do the trick for smaller vents.

eyesores painting ventPhoto: diybeautify

Build a cupboard with laser-cut wood paneling around the AC unit.

hide eyesores ac unit - 1Photos: vintagemeetsglam


Or go for a chalkboard canvass.

hide eyesores ac unit - 2Photos: decorhacks

Instructions here.

Use pictures frames to distract from light switches and other wall controls.

hide eyesores light switchPhoto: littlebitsofhome

And hide the fuse box behind a hinged painting.

hiding eyesores fuse boxPhoto: charlestoncrafted

Upgrade your ugly kitchen backsplash on the cheap using peel-and-stick gel tiles.

hiding eyesores kitchen backsplashPhoto: doorsixteen

Buy them here.

Dress up your bland bathtub with air stone.

hiding eyesores in your home - bathtub airstonePhotos: lovelycraftyhome

How it’s done.

Eliminate bathroom clutter by keeping all toiletries and cleaning supplies organized in shower caddies underneath the sink.

hiding eyesores - bathroom clutterPhoto: thecraftiestcouple

Install hooks underneath your desk to keep cords and power strips out of sight.

hiding eyesores cables wiresPhoto: pcgamer

Upgrade your ugly concrete balcony with easy-to-install interlocking deck tiles.

hiding eyesores in your home - balconyPhoto: handydeck

Buy them from IKEA.

Keep pet bowels in a dresser drawer.

hiding eyesores pet bowelsPhoto: roomandbath

And the litter box in a hidden cupboard or cubbyhole.

hiding litter boxPhotos: theletteredcottage

DIY instructions here.

Hide the dog’s bed behind a curtain.

hiding household eyesores dog cagePhotos: jennyfroh

Info on how to recreate this brilliance here.

Or build it into the wall.

hiding eyesores - pet bedPhoto: Pinterest

And finally, cover up sink plumbing with a sewn skirt.

sink plumbing skirtPhoto: Pinterest

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