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If you live in an apartment or condo, chances are you don’t have a lot of floor space to spare. Squeezing a Christmas tree into the elevator and up to your 20th floor studio might seem like a good idea, but then where are you going to sleep? Some buildings don’t even allow real trees, thanks to those pesky pine needles and the perceived fire hazard. This year, don’t let your square footage or that Grinch of a landlord keep you from spreading holiday cheer. We’ve rounded up 20 Christmas tree alternatives that are small in size but big on style.

1. Make a silhouette with string art.

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2. Go geometric with metallic washi tape.

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3. Repurpose a step ladder.

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4. Stack some 2x4s and add LED tealights.

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5. Dress up a house plant.

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6. Put up a festive poster.

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7. Chalkboard art is an easy option.

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8. Decorate a sturdy branch. 

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9. A tomato cage will do the trick.

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10. Put those Instagram photos to good use.

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11. Arrange gift boxes in the shape of a tree.

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12. DIY an evergreen wall hanging.

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13. Add some colorful ornaments.

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14. Put your Christmas cards on display.

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15. Say it with stickers.

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16. Hang up a tapestry.

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17. String up some twinkle lights.

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18. Go on a nature walk and collect bits of greenery.

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19. And finally, spray recycled newspaper with metallic paint for an eye-catching tree alternative.

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