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Compartmentalize your fridge with trays and baskets.

fridge organization kitchen hack Photo: Pinterest

Maximize vertical space with under-shelving.

under-shelving kitchen hack Photos: Pinterest

Convert a magazine rack into storage for tin foil and plastic wrap boxes.

kitchen hack magazine rack storage Photo: thewandmakersmother

Store plastic bags in a disinfecting wipe container or tissue box.

plastic bag storage Photos: Pinterest

A shower caddie can be re-purposed as a producer caddie.

produce shower caddie kitchen hack Photo: domesticdivadomain

Create extra counter space with an over-the-sink shelf.

over the sink shelf Photo: Pinterest

And an over-the-sink cutting board.

over the sink cutting board kitchen hack Photo: Amazon

Install cork boards on the inside of your cabinet doors to hang large utensils.

corkboard cabinet kitchen hack Photo: mysocalledhome

Build a baking measurement station with hooks and chalkboard contact paper.

chalkboard cabinet kitchen hack Photo: manditremayne

Use shoe organizers to double your pantry space.

kitchen pantry hack Photo: house-organization

Or go big and build yourself a slide-out pantry.

slide-out pantry kitchen hack Photo: classy clutter

Here’s the DIY how-to guide.

Tension rods make great cupboard dividers.

tension rod cabinent kitchen hack Photo: ApartmentTherapy

And old CD racks will keep your drawers in order.

cd rack storage kitchen hack Photo: ApartmentTherapy

Keep your cleaning supplies organized under the sink by hanging them from a rod.

cleaning supplies kitchen hack Photo: jenthousandwords

Spice tins + magnetic strips = magnetic spice rack.

magnetic spice rack kitchen hack Photo: forrent

Or simply fasten magnets to your spices and slap them on the fridge.

magnetic spice fridge kitchen hack Photo: instructables

With magnets, you can create all sorts of fridge storage.

fridge magnet storage kitchen hack Photo: Instructables

Put those garbage bags on a roll.

garbage roll kitchen hack Photo: Pinterest

Utilize the false front drawers under your sink.

false front drawer kitchen hack Photo: uglyducklinghouse

Have hooks hanging everywhere.

hooks kitchen hack Photos: Pinterest

The sides of cabinets are prime real estate for additional shelving.

side cabinet shelving kitchen hack Photo: Pinterest

Your bulky knife block is taking up valuable counter space, use a magnet.

Knife magnet kitchen hack Photo: designsponge

And buy yourself an appliance lift to free up even more counter space and save yourself from manual labor.

kitchen hack Photo: homedepot

Not enough cupboard space? Hang pots and pans.

hanging pots kitchen hack Photo: Pinterest

And use towel rods to keep your lids in order.

lid storage kitchen hack Photos: Pinterest

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