After a long night of summer entertaining (or, for some of us, watching Netflix with multiple cats), the next morning often consists of regret, empty bottles and a collection of seemingly useless wine corks — or so you thought.

Check out the list below for 15 creative ways to repurpose your pre-loved wine corks:

Build a birdhouse

Birdhouse Photo: Pinterest

Use your old corks to build a natural-looking home for the birds! They’ll appreciate its woodsy look.

Create keychains

Keychains Photo: Pinterest

Always losing your keys? Make your set stand out by attaching it to a wine cork.

Craft some coasters

Coasters Photo: Pinterest

Put your old corks to good use by protecting your tables from future wine spills!

Devise a vase

Vase Photo: Pinterest

Plant your favorite blooms in a wine cork vase for an eco-friendly alternative to plastic or glass.

Build a board

Board Photo: Pinterest

Why use a boring old cork board for your photos and reminders when you can make your own wine cork board?

Stick succulents in them

Succulents Photo: Pinterest

Green succulents juxtaposed with brown corks makes for such a dynamic look. Attach your corks to magnets or pins so you can hang them on your wall.

Create a curtain

Curtain Photo: Sam Howzit/Flickr

Channel your inner hippie and make an all-cork hanging curtain for your doorway.

Design a dart board

Dartboard Photo: Jeff Turner/Flickr

Repurpose your old wine corks to make an awesome dart board for your den.

Build a bathmat

Bathmat Photo: Amelia Sommer/Flickr

Forget terry cloth — cork is ultra-absorbent, making it a great material for a bath mat, coasters or a trivet.

Make a monogram display

Monogram Photo: Missy Ward/Flickr

Personalize your space by making a life-size monogram out of wine corks! Your guests will never question what to buy you as a housewarming gift again.

Craft a Christmas tree ornament

Ornament Photo: Pinterest

Give your Christmas tree a quaint touch by making your own ornaments out of corks! (What better time to repurpose wine corks than the holidays?!).

Sculpt some stampers

Stampers Photo: Pinterest

Carve your very own stampers out of softened wine corks! Your pen pals will love the creative touch you add to your stationery.

Hang a cork holiday wreath

Wreath Photo: Pinterest

Add some thrifty, holiday cheer to your door with a DIY wine cork wreath.

Label your leaves

Plants Photo: Pinterest

Use your old wine corks to identify your plants! It’s so simple yet looks so unique.

Neaten your knives

Knives Photo: Pinterest

Give your butter knives a rustic makeover using your otherwise useless wine corks.

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