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Last week on Instagramarama we looked at the world’s tallest towers. This week, we’re keeping with the architecture theme and setting our sights on some of the world’s curviest buildings.

What is it about curvy designs that attract our brains? Well, according to a University of Toronto study headed by neuroscientist Oshin Vartanian, curvilinear contours activate the anterior cingulate cortex of our brain. That’s the region that’s responsive to the reward properties and emotional salience of objects.

Why not test out that theory and check out the sweeping curves and sinuous contours of these 10 curvy buildings we found on Instagram.

Lycée Georges Frêche, France

A photo posted by Kevin Hui (@swank_e) on

 Photo: swank_e/Instagram

Soumaya Museum, Mexico

Photo: montrealismes/Instagram

Aqua Tower, Chicago

A photo posted by Poncho (@alfonsonajera) on

Photo: alfonsonajera/Instagram

Absolute World, Mississauga

A photo posted by GC (@gc_ology) on

Photo: gc_ology/Instagram

Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto

A photo posted by @tonoariki on

Photo: tonoariki/Instagram

Flame Towers, Azerbaijan

Photo: azerbaijan_pic/Instagram

New York by Gehry, New York

A photo posted by @i.c._progress on

Photo: i.c._progress/Instagram

SOHO Galaxy, Beijing

A photo posted by @svetlana2303 on

Photo: svetlana2303/Instagram

Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles

A photo posted by @ajkhatawate on

Photo: ajkhatawate/Instagram

Guggenheim, Bilbao

Photo: ozartlove/Instagram

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