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The only thing better than breakfast in bed is free breakfast in bed and not having to worry about whether you’ve scattered crumbs in your sheets. From May 18th to 20th, IKEA will be sponsoring a pop-up Breakfast In Bed Café in London’s Shoreditch neighborhood.

Between 7am and noon, attendees can reserve a single or double bed for 45 minutes, from which they will be served a traditional Swedish breakfast of pastries, juice and coffee. In the afternoons, from noon to 3pm, the beds will be booked for napping. Sleep specialists will be on hands to help initiate a restful nap and there’s even a pillow menu for guests to choose from. The publicity stunt is meant to promote IKEA’s range of beds, which are on sale for a limited time.

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 4.14.28 PM Photo: IKEA

Given our choice of bed frames, we’d opt for the Brimnes model, which is equipped with four large storage drawers. It is available in full, queen or king size and the current price ranges from $219 USD ($228 CAD) to $359 USD ($296 CAD). The platform-style bed comes in a white or black paint finish and is made of renewable wood materials. The Brimnes is available online or in-store from IKEA.

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