Stairway to design heaven!

Use chalkboard paint and maybe your kids will stop drawing on the walls.

chalkboard stairs Photo: myhomerocks

Build yourself a Lego railing and it will be playtime all the time.

lego stairs Photo: homedsgn

Install a set of floating stairs.

floating stairs-1 floating stairs-2 Photos: imgurdecohubs

Apply wallpaper for a pop of color.

wallpaper staircase Photo: Pinterest

Or try a splash of paint.

painted stairs Photo: Pinterest

Love music? Paint piano keys.

Piano key stairs Photo: Pinterest

You’ll feel like Tom Hanks in Big every time you go downstairs.

A bookcase staircase is a smart storage solution.

bookshelf stairs Photo: imgur

Here too.

bookshelf stairway Photo: imgur

Or simply make your stairs look like a library.

bookcase staircase Photo: iwastesomuchtime

If you’re a real nerd go for the Star Wars opening crawl.

star wars stairs Photo: imgur

Biology fans will appreciate this double-helix design.

dna stairs Photo: imgur

Mosaic tile!

mosaic stairs Photo: imgur

With disco ball stairs, every step becomes a dance party.

disco stairs Photo: Pinterest

“Interior-scape” with a green stairway.

green stairs Photo: imgur

Or go invisible with glass.

glass stairs Photo: homedit

Remove your traditional handrail and replace it with rope.

rope handrail Photos: Pinterest

Or go for the playable harp banister.

harp stairs Photos: Inhabitat

See how it’s done here.

Need to free up space? Your stairs are untapped storage.

staircase storage Photo: Pinterest

Busy home? These stairs will keep things moving.

fast stairs Photo: imgur

If you can afford it, the opulent spiral staircase is a classic.

fancy stairs Photo: imgur

And this branch banister is pleasantly eerie.

branch stairs Photo: imgur

Like something out of a Tim Burton film.

LED light stairs will safely guide you to the kitchen for that midnight snack.

LED stairs LED stairs-1 Photos: joachimkingagroon

Or better yet, forget stairs altogether and install a slide in your home instead.

stair slide Photo: imgur

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