pic 1 Photo: restorationhardware.com

Drafting tables are beloved by creatives of all types — from painters to writers, architects, engineers and fashion designers. Whether you’re working on a grocery list or your third graphic novel, this multi-purpose desk is meant to spur your creativity.

The 1910 American Trestle Drafting Table from Restoration Hardware looks like it was plucked from the office of an industrial era robber baron. Its stained wooden work surface is supported by a cast iron base with cranks to lift, lower and tilt the table. There is also a grooved slot with two removable slats to hold paper and pencils in place.

pic 2 Photo: restorationhardware.com

The drafting table measures 31 to 44” high, 55” wide and 36” deep. It currently retails for $1,495.

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