Save space and liven up your home at the same time with…

A bike rack.

bike rack under stairs Photo: Pinterest

Or a bookshelf.

bookshelf stairs Photo: imgur

With a slide.

library stairs slide Photo: Moon Hoon

A series of covert drawers.

stair-storage Photos: Avar Furniture

A playhouse for the kids.

playhouse under stairs Photo: Pinterest

Or a bar for the grown-ups.

bar under stairs Photo: Peter McAllister Carpentry

A secret storage closet.

storage room stairs Photo: imgur

An entertainment center.

entertainment center under stairs Photo: deHouss

A hidden room.

stairs hidden room Photo: Creative Home Engineering

A home for your dog.

dog house stairs Photo: Pinterest

Or try something a little more secured.

dog house under stairs-1 Photo: Pinterest

A complex network of shelves.

shelves under stairs Photo: imgur

A workshop.

workspace stairs Photo: imgur

A workspace.

workspace under stairs Photo: Photo

A reading nook.

reading nook stairs Photo: Pinterest

Here too.

reading nook under stairs Photo: Pinterest

A wine rack.

wine rack under stairs Photo: scarlettis

Or better yet, a wine cellar.

wine cellar stairs Photo: imgur

A bathroom.

bathroom under stairs Photo: Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects

An impossibly cozy sleeping nook.

stairway bed Photo: imgur

And this brilliant combination bed/workspace.

under stairs room Photo: Alexis Facca

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