Without an underwater room, wine-on-tap and hammock flooring, your dream home is just a flight of fancy without anything fancy. And that’s pretty boring. So, may we suggest…

An indoor slide.

indoor slide - dream homeindoor slide - dream home 2Photos: Core

A secret wine cellar at the end of a spiral staircase.

spiral staircase wine cellar - dream homePhotos: imgur

A regular spiral staircase.

Grand spiral staircase - dream homePhoto: imgur

Floor-to-ceiling windows. Everywhere.

glass walls - dream homePhoto: denoxa

A below grade, glass-encased room that looks out into a moat-like pool.

underwater room - dream homePhotos: Guz Architects

Glass floors.

glass floors - dream homePhotos: Tradition

Gaze down upon your treasures.

A retractable window wall for the summer.

retractable window - dream homePhoto: BWArchitects

If the above design isn’t to your liking, we have 14 others here.

And a rooftop patio for all of the time.

rooftop patio - dream homePhoto: Corinthia Hotel

An 18-person hot tub.

giant hot tub - dream homePhoto: spambient

Yes, of course with a built-in TV. Order it here.

And an 800-square-foot sauna.

sauna - dream homePhoto: Partisans

Like the Grotto Sauna on a private island just outside Toronto.

Hammock floors.

hammock floors - dream homePhotos: IF

Full-ceiling skylights.

full-ceiling skylight - dream homePhoto: Golden Crown

An aquarium bed.

Aquarium bed - dream homePhoto: imgur

“Luca Brasi sleeps with the fishes.”

An extensive in-home library.

home library - dream homePhoto: imgur

With a hidden room behind it.

hidden room - dream homePhotos: Creative Home Engineering

A Star Trek-themed theater room.

star trek home theater - dream homePhoto: Douglas Elliman Real Estate

Just one of many nerd dens in this $35 million Florida estate.

And a 1980s arcade room.

Acrade basement - dream homePhoto: imgur

This one was built by a father-son duo. You should probably hire them to do yours.

A Lego wall for the kids.

lego wall - dream homePhoto: imgur

A dining room swing set.

dining table swing - dream homePhoto: Duffy London

Will set you back $6,900, but so worth it.

A pub-inspired basement.

pub-inspired basement - dream homePhoto: imgur

Believe it or not, this was also a DIY job.

And an underground bowling alley.

bowling alley basement - dream homePhoto: Clutch Design Studio

More amazing basement designs here.

A wine dispenser in the kitchen.

wine dispenserPhotos: Napa Technology

This bad boy will preserve four bottles of wine for up to 60 days — not that you’re actually going to need that kind of time. Buy one here.

And a walk-in beer cooler.

walk-in beer cool - dream homePhoto: KegWorks

In lieu of a food pantry, which you definitely won’t need. Buy it for $7,299.

A shower at the foot of your bed.

bed shower - dream homePhoto: imgur

Because you’re filthy rich.

A hammock-shaped bathtub.

hammock bathtub - dream homePhoto: Splinter Works

UK design firm Splinter Works’ “Vessel” comes in a variety of colors, including silver, bronze, and even pink.

An indoor pool with a swing.

indoor pool and swing - dream homePhoto: imgur

And an indoor hot tub next to the fireplace.

fireplace and hot tub - dream homePhoto: imgur

A second fireplace on the back porch.

outdoor fireplace - dream homePhoto: imgur

An outdoor kitchen.

outdoor kitchen - dream homePhoto: imgur

And an outdoor living room.

outdoor living room - dream homePhoto: FG+SG – Fernando Guerra

As seen here in São Paulo, Brazil’s Lee House.

And while we’re at it, an outdoor bathroom.

outdoor bathroomPhoto: OutdoorLiving

A bed that rocks.

rocking bed - dream homePhoto: imgur

And finally, a luxury tree house in the backyard.

luxury tree house - dream homePhoto: imgur

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