Join us as we shower praise on these standout showers…

With heat-sensitive tiles

shower heat sensitive tiles Photo: imgur

Or these tiles that look like scales

scale shower tiles Photo: imgur

The world’s narrowest shower

skinny shower Photo: imgur

Awesome view

shower with a view Photos: imgur

Also, this

shower view Photo: imgur

Part of the Ty Warner Penthouse in New York City. Available for rent for only $35,000 a night!

How about foliage-filled showers that feel like they’re outdoors

indoor-outdoor-shower1 cool shower-2 Photos: imgur, imgur

Or these showers that really are outdoors

outdoor shower-1 outdoor shower-2 outdoor shower-3 outdoor shower-4 Photos: Constance Lemuria SeychellesResourceDirimgur, imgur

More open-air bathrooms this way.

Glass showers for the minimalist

glass shower skylight glass shower-2 glass shower-3 Photos: imgurimgur, imgur, imgur

With giant ceiling-mounted rain shower heads

cool shower-1 fPdecor_Superb-Modern-Natural-Bath-Fittings-Accessories-Shower Photos: imgurimgur

Like bathing in a fountain.

This first-class shower on an Emirates Airbus a380

shower airplane Photo: imgur

Available in the private Etihad Residence Suite, which costs about $20,000 for one way ticket from Abu Dhabi to London..

Stone showers

stone shower-1 stone shower stone shower-2 Photos: imgur, imgur, imgur

The superfluous shower

jet stream shower Photo: imgur

Water conservation be damned, you need to bathe quickly and efficiently!

Next to a hammock for post-wash relaxation

shower with hammock Photo: imgur

And these strategically placed showers that are literally steps away from your bed

shower-bedroom-1 shower shower bedroom-2 Photos: HouseideaFreeSharingimgur

Click here for more living spaces that blur the line between bedroom and bathroom.

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