Do you have trouble sleeping? Maybe irrational fears about the end of the world keep you up at night. Or perhaps you value safety over comfort… Whatever your kink, we’re sure there’s a bed out there for you. As proof, here’s seven strangely specific beds.

Fetal position frame

fetal position bed Photo: Dominic Wilcox

If you ever toss and turn, or plan on one day having a partner to lie next to, don’t give this bed another thought.

Safety bed

safety bed Photo: Tovdesign

Worried about rolling off the bed in your sleep? This bunk from Belgium-based Tovdesign is for people who put safety first and comfort never.

Vertical mattress

Vertical bed Photo: Ernesto Neto

An upright bed is a great way to save space. And a terrible way to sleep. The strange memory foam mattress comes from Brazilian visual artist Ernesto Neto.

Rocking bed frame

Rocking bed Photo: Joe Manus/OneBigPhoto

The rocking bed is exactly what it sounds like: a cradle for full-grown adults. Designed by Joe Manus of Shiner International, a queen-size frame will set you back about $3,000.

Cocoon Tree

Cocoon Tree Bed cocoon tree suspended room-1 Photos: CocoonTree

From our Top 7 suspended room series, a system of wires allows the Cocoon Tree to dangle above any campsite while supporting up to 1,000 pounds of humanity.

Quantum Sleeper

quantum sleeper Photo: Quantum Sleeper

Sleep soundly with this airtight box of impending doom. The Quantum Sleeper is a bulletproof panic chamber that protects occupants from terrorist attacks, natural disasters, home intruders, and most importantly, any meaningful attachment to reality. Perfect for the dangerously paranoid individual willing to shell out $1.7 million for this Cold War era underground home in Las Vegas.

Weapons cache

Bed bunker Bed bunker-1 Photos: BedBunker

Does the gun you keep tucked under your pillow cause you neck pain in the morning? The Bed Bunker has plenty of storage space for not just your handgun, but all your rifles, assault weapons and other crazy-person artillery.

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