It’s a boy!

While everyone is speculating about the name the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will choose for their son, we here at BuzzBuzzHome are more interested in what his royal nursery will look like. Will the royal parents stick to tradition by choosing an opulent design for the nursery? Or will they take a more modern approach, seeing as he’s the first heir to the throne born in the 21st century.

We gathered some photos of modern meets royal rooms we think are fit for a little prince. Hopefully they’re luxurious enough! Check them out below…


Everything in this room is perfect for a royal baby, from the furniture to the chandelier and the drapery. Photo:

luxury baby nursery

This ornate crib looks like a suitable place for the new prince to catch some royal z’s. Photo:


More laid back but still elegant, this nursery would suit the modern style of the Duke and Duchess. Photo:


This nursery may be modern and chic, but we can still see it in Anmer Hall and Buckingham Palace. Photo:


We love the look of these cribs. It might be useful to have a back-up too! Photo:

patterns color design:the bump

A wall mural like the this would be a whimsical touch to the prince’s quarters. Photo:

The classic design of this room is perfect for the newborn, the light fixture and mirror exude royalty. Photo:

The mix of blue and gold in this nursery is uber classy making it a perfect fit for the Duke and Duchess. Photo:

home decor interior

Even though we know next to nothing about the prince, we’re pretty sure he’d love to gaze out at this view every morning. Photo:


This bright yellow design is a great fit for when the baby prince becomes a toddler. Photo:

We can’t wait to see what kind of room the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge picked for their new prince!

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