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Positives: Very helpful before taking the possession Show more Negatives: Very horrible after taking the possession Comments: They were very helpful before purchasing the home. They could promise you everything but after that, they could easily turn you down. If you think waiting time at the Walmart customer service is horrible every time when you need to return something, I can guarantee you the waiting time for Parkwood to come and fix things is way, way longer than you can imagine. Apparently they don't want to fix anything after the house is sold - they don't care about home owners, period. Parkwood promised within 90 days after taking possession to fix all issues listed, absolutely no way! After I kept arguing with them, the construction manager called me said they got 40+ houses on going in Edmonton then blabla. It sounds to me they have a perfect excuse asking customers to wait then the warranty will be expired after one year then they won't do nothing to help - plus they don't really want to help - As I said they just want your money. Try to stay away from this builder as much as possible! Show less
Response from Parkwood Master Builder April 12, 2024
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