The latest episode of Livabl Launch features an exciting interview with Jeremy Gladstone – principal at Gladstone Media.

Gladstone Media is a unique turnkey marketing shop that blends elements of a traditional marketing firm with a design studio and multimedia production company. Founded in 2005 by Jeremy and his partner Robyn, Gladstone Media offers a full spectrum of marketing, design and advertising services across a range of industries – with a special focus on real estate and architectural marketing.

Here are some highlights from the episode:

On what a typical launch looks like:

“I would say for our company, we’re working on a typical launch – a communications program and marketing program and branding – for twelve to eighteen months. And that’s everywhere from ideation of the name of the project, trying to figure out what the communication pillars are, [figuring out] what is the value add, or is there a transit story here? Really working on the underpinning of the communications that we want to communicate and then developing a brand system that articulates that through the marketplace. So, a very comprehensive media plan will exude this brand in all facets of media – social media, digital advertising, billboard campaigns, print campaigns, sometimes experiential campaigns or on-site campaigns.”

On what Gladstone is most known for:

“I think when it comes down to marketing, you’re really talking about storytelling and the narrative, and eliciting a response from a targeted demographic. There’s a lot of beautiful pieces that come out of our shop, but we don’t just create something and throw it against the wall and hope that it sticks, because that’s sort of subjective art. And the difference between art and marketing is if you’re putting something out into the marketplace, that is educating somebody. That is eliciting a response from them. So, I think, really at the core of what we do, I think Gladstone really understands how to tell stories. […] If we can’t tell a story with one line of copy, or one image, or a 15-second teaser post – then we’re not doing our jobs.”

On the human element of marketing:

“If you look at our work, it celebrates lifestyle more than most – and humans, and evoking that feeling of ‘Dude, we’re selling things to people that are going to be the biggest purchase that they’re ever going to make in their entire life.’ This is an emotional experience.”

On what well-planned branding brings to the marketplace:

“People make decisions based on expressions on how these properties align with their own value systems and their own style and their own grace. I use this analogy all the time. When you go and choose a bottle of wine, a lot of times you gravitate to the shape of a bottle – to the packaging and the way something is presented to you. And if someone is going to have the style and the grace to art direct the packaging and make a beautiful label and articulate the nuances of the mise en scene and the terroir of the wine on the label, then that’s probably an extension of the decisions they’re making deep into the wine, right? So, I always say if you’re authentic to a brand, and you’re packaging it in a beautiful way […] those are decisions that the developer is making that will probably run deep into what’s behind the walls.”

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