Livabl is here to help buyers build new home dreams.

Livabl by Zonda Home is the friendly, trusted new home expert for buyers throughout the United States and Canada. This new site gives home buyers the tools to make informed, confident decisions in an evolving new construction landscape.

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Livabl is here to give you a premium home-buying experience that lists the latest in home construction. The site also provides daily updates on real estate market news, how-to guides for new buyers, and engaging stories on the hottest trends in design.

This story will help you navigate Livabl to get the most out of your experience. We also talked to Justin Lajoie, the executive vice president of Livabl, for some additional insight.

Start your search for a new home

Use the search bar to enter your chosen area. The site allows for broad and specific searches. For example, buyers can search states such as “Arizona” and neighborhoods such as “Camelback East Village.”

For Canada, you may have your heart set on Toronto, but which neighborhood? Narrow it down to examples such as “The Beaches” or “Danforth Village,” Livabl will show you precisely what you want.

“Livabl is unique in a multitude of ways,” Lajoie said. “One of them is being multinational. We’re in both U.S. and Canada. But we also have more data and listings than any other portal or aggregator out there. As a result, we have the most complete set of new homes and condos available throughout the U.S. and Canada.”

Click on the cities tab to search various U.S. and Canadian destinations.

You can also click on the maps tab to see a broader or narrower search area, and buyers are provided with listings of all the new construction in that chosen spot. In addition, the developments will be labeled with statuses such as “under construction” and “pre-construction.” Depending on your planned moving date, this can also help you decide which development is right for you.

Use the tabs at the top of the page to narrow down your results. Choose from home type, price, number of bedrooms, construction status, and more, including square footage and build date. Buyers can also sort by low-to-high pricing, square footage, and pre-launch pricing.

Finding the right development

To the left of the map, you’ll see the available developments in the area. Clicking on the developments will show more information. Learn about the sizes of the homes in the development, a short description of the amenities, floor plans (if available), the location and hours of the sales center, phone number, email, and more.

You can contact the builder for more information directly through Livabl and register for updates. Buyers also have the option to create a Livabl profile and save the developments they want to revisit. If you already know the name of the development you want, go ahead, and type it into the search bar for instant results.

Engage, explore, and learn

Livabl’s editorial team provides buyers with the latest real estate market news, guides to help buyers through every phase of the home purchasing process, and inspiring stories about home design.

Whether you want to learn about everything you need to know before hiring a long-distance mover, the latest market predictions from experts in the field, or an in-depth breakdown of the importance of windows in your new home, Livabl has it and much more.

Livabl provides insight into real estate that you won’t find anywhere else. Buyers can learn, dream, and educate themselves on new home construction, all through the Livabl articles portal.

Using the professionals tab

Real estate professionals and developers can click on the professionals tab for several options. Development advertising explains getting priority listings on Livabl with a wealth of quality generated leads.

Agent advertising with LivablPro lets real estate professionals access quality referrals by sending them directly to their inboxes.

Adding a development on Livabl is completely free for builders. Click the “add a development” tab and follow the instructions below.

Submitting a feed is a great way to keep buyers updated with all the latest completions within your development.

Is your sales center closed for the day? It’s no longer an issue with Livabl’s BuyNow. With BuyNow, new home shoppers can select their unit, upload their mortgage preapproval and identity verification documents, digitally sign their APS and pay the deposit for their new home. In addition, you’ll find more information in the “sell homes online” tab.

According to Lajoie, the anticipation for the new Livabl site has been building for some time.

“Everyone’s excited, both within Zonda Home and outside of it,” Lajoie said.

“Our builder partners are excited to have another option for showcasing their homes online, other than the usual suspects that have been around for a while.”

Livabl is designed to be your go-to site for everything related to new home construction.

“We are destined to become the trusted source and authority when it comes to new construction,” Lajoie said. “Whether that be a single-family home, low- or high-rise in the United States or Canada, we have the expertise.”

“We want to inform the consumer; we want to educate the consumer, and we want them to feel very comfortable about buying the next home of their dreams, whether in the sky or on the ground. That’s what it’s all about for us.”

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