Never underestimate the power of curb appeal. If you are considering selling your home, or even if it is for your own enjoyment as a homeowner a little TLC and a splash of style can make your home stand out.

1. Edit your exterior — remove kitschy lawn ornaments, dead plants or dated awnings.

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Modernizing your home doesn’t have to involve a major makeover. It could be a simple tweak, like removing dated awnings, dead or dying plants and ornaments that have seen better days. Get a few small planters or manageable shrubs with a tasteful selection of small ornaments.

2. Repaint the exterior trim to freshen up the look of your home.

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A fresh coat of paint is a quick and easy way to update- inside your home and out. It also makes your home look clean and well-cared for, not to mention more stylish. The perception of how well your home has been maintained is important to prospective buyers.

3. Use stone veneer to cover up your home’s concrete foundation.

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Stone veneer is a relatively inexpensive way to create wow factor on the exterior of your home. What’s more is that it covers up your foundation, which may be showing its age.

4. Swap out your address number for something more contemporary.

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A quick fix with big impact doesn’t get better than this. Swap out old, tarnished numbers for a contemporary cool address numbers. Instant update.

5. Choose a front door paint color that will stand out in an online listing.

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Believe it or not, front doors are something that buyers are very mindful of. You should ensure that yours is in good condition and that it plays a role in your home’s exterior aesthetic. A fresh coat of paint in a bold color that complements the roof and or siding/brick can really draw the eye.

6. Update your exterior door hardware — black matte adds edgy contrast.

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Black matte is timeless and classic. It also stands up well outdoor in the elements. You don’t want your exterior finishes to tarnish quickly, which will make your home seem more dated.

7. Give your weathered mailbox a DIY makeover.

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Here is another spot where a coat of paint will do wonders. Beyond the mailbox itself, make this a focal point on your lawn by adding planters. Add a trellis or build a small garden at the base to let more plants grow. Or you can even change the stand itself, decorating with shiplap or natural stone.

8. Make your home more visible from the street by installing porch lights.

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Smart lighting isn’t just for your home’s interior. Stylish porch lights will not only update your home’s exterior, they illuminate your front door, which is a great safety feature.

9. Liven up your landscaping with colorful plants.

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Landscaping can either elevate your home’s exterior or drag it down- if plants and flowers are overgrown or dying. Make sure at the very least that your landscaping is maintained and tidy. Better yet, plant some colorful plants and flowers that will add zest to your curb appeal.

10. Or frame your entryway with eye-catching planters (you can take them with you when you move).

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Or if you don’t have the time to maintain a garden, well-placed planters with an assortment of plants will do the job. You have the option of moving them around, or replacing plants easily, depending on the season- or on your taste at the time.

11. Incorporate welcoming touches, like a hammock chair or porch swing.

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Make your front porch beautiful- and useable by installing a hammock or a swing. You’ll while away the hours on your porch, catching the breeze and adding visual interest to your home’s exterior.

12. Invest in new garage doors that add architectural interest.

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New garage doors are among the features for which potential homebuyers will pay a premium, especially if they are insulated. It’s a quick- and potentially profitable- fix to jazz up your home’s exterior.

13. Update your deck with decorative railings.

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Decorative railings will help to define the space on your porch, while adding a decorative touch at the same time. Go for contrasting colours with intricate design. Or if you are keen on preserving your outdoor views, consider see-through railings to let sightlines flow.

14. Power wash or refinish the flooring in your entryway.

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Sometimes the only update you need is to clean and fix what you already have. It’s amazing what a power washer can do to remove years from your home’s aged porch. And if that doesn’t do the trick, you can refinish instead of installing all brand new.

15. Install a beadboard paneled ceiling that will have buyers looking up.

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Small décor touches can go a long way to communicate value and entice visitors and potential buyers. A beadboard ceiling is a relatively easy DIY project for your porch. The trick is to measure very accurately.

16. Throw down a welcoming door mat or two.

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Much as you would inside your home, you can use accents to add pops of colour and change the look entirely. A welcome mat with a catchy message or lovely graphic will do the trick- and give guests somewhere stylish to wipe their feet before entering.

17. Hang a simple, seasonal wreath to brighten up your front door.

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A wreath is all you need to bring wow factor to your front door. Collect a few and swap them out for the season. Make sure that you buy (or make) wreaths intended for outdoor use so that they can withstand the elements.

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