retro blue fridge with yellow cabinets and pink lower cabinets
Kitchens will get kitschy in 2024. Photo Credit: Pinterest

Maximalism and bold, intentional style statements will set the stage for home décor in 2024, according to the trend-spotting 2024 Pinterest Predicts report. 

Pinterest has had uncanny success in prognosticating future trends before they take off, based on search patterns drawn from some 482 million monthly users on the platform, who are looking for advice and inspiration on lifestyle topics, including travel, food and home décor. 

Their annual report looks at two years’ worth of data on global search patterns to identify up-and-coming trends, with an accuracy rate of 80 percent, according to Pinterest. 

Pinterest predicts that these will be the hottest home décor trends in 2024. 


Post-pandemic, homeowners continue to create amenity-style spaces at home that let them embrace hobbies and interests. 

For coffee lovers, this means harnessing your inner barista to create a home coffee bar to rival any café experience.  

According to Pinterest, searches for “coffee bar styling” have increased by a staggering 1,125 percent. 

This very hot (pun intended) trend could incorporate creating a grand coffee bar with all the bells and whistles or making use of space on an empty shelf to display coffee-related items. 

coffee shop chalkboard with drawings of coffee cups
Coffee shop chalkboards will be in high demand : Photo Credit Adobe Stock

Particularly popular is the quintessential coffee shop chalkboard sign, with searches for “chalk sign ideas” up by 100 percent and “cafe chalkboard” up by 50 percent. 

Home Kitschens  

Traditional white kitchens will take a step back in 2024, while homeowners get kitschy in their kitchens. Think eclectic meets vintage with intentional bursts of colors and textures.  

Pinterest searches for “eccentric kitchens” increased by 160 percent, while “kitschy kitchen” searches increased by 75 percent, and “eclectic kitchen décor” searches increased by 50 percent. 

Retro appliances will be highly sought after, even better if they are in a bright color. Trend-setters should start their hunt soon as bright, patterned vintage kitchen accents, such as plates, cookware, wall art and textiles will be in high demand at their local thrift stores.  

Trending colors for kitchens include Barbie-bright pink and vivacious greens. 

Hot Metals 

Neutrals have served their purpose and it’s time to bring the bling in 2024, according to Pinterest, with shiny metallics such as aluminum and chrome playing a key role in home décor, replacing subdued matte and black fixtures and finishes that have been so popular. 

This only adds to the underlying maximalist vibe that connects the top trends thematically, where home décor is mindfully eye-catching. 

Silver tones are increasing in search traffic directed towards furniture and accents, with more Pinterest visitors looking for ideas on aluminum furniture and doors. 

Watch for nail art to surge in popularity in 2024, as Pinterest reports searches increasing by 295 percent.  

This trend also emphasizes how fashion is an umbrella for both décor and clothing accents, with searches increasing for metal corsets and layering of silver necklaces, both of which make for unique wall or tabletop art. 

Western Gothic 

Western Gothic fuses vintage Americana with moody colors. Photo Credit: Pinterest

Western Gothic blends elements of traditional Americana with moody, stormy colors and accents. Pinterest users are propelling this trend, with searches for this aesthetic and “vintage americana” both up by 145 percent.  

Popular ranch and farmhouse styles, where woods and highly textured materials are prominent will be matched with dark paint tones, denim, rich, complex patterns and accents. 

This adds to the vintage vibe associated with some of these familiar elements but adds visual and emotional dimension by incorporating a moody palette. 

Pinterest users are particularly keen to incorporate this aesthetic into their bedrooms, with searches increasing for “western bedding ideas” by 310 percent.  

They also are on the hunt for accents to complement this style, with searches for “western mirror” up by 125 percent. 

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