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Whether we care to admit it or not, Instagram shapes our design tastes and shopping habits. Let’s say you’re scrolling through your feed and double tap a photo of fiddle leaf fig tree in a mid-century modern planter. Chances are, the next time you visit a plant nursery, you’ll be tempted to pick one up for yourself. If your favorite blogger owns the latest “it” houseplant, why shouldn’t you?

The UK comparison website Compare My Move recently ranked the top home style trends on Instagram by the number of mentions. Want to make your home more Insta-worthy? Read on to find out which home decor trends made the list.

1. #houseplants – 2,048,211 mentions

Photo: vineandvintage/Instagram

A decor trend that improves air quality and concentration? Now that’s something we can all get behind. Houseplants are raking in the likes on Instagram, and some of the trendiest varieties are the Swiss cheese plant (Monstera deliciosa), Chinese money plant (Pilea peperomioides) and the Echeveria ‘Princess Blue’ succulent — that’s according to new data from Internet Gardener.

2. #gallerywall – 917,058 mentions

Photo: comedowntothewoods/Instagram

Gallery walls have been trending for several years now. While some say it’s high time to retire this blank wall solution, others are embracing it for its versatility. Whether you choose to include all matching frames or a mishmash of art and decorative objects, there’s really no wrong way to design a gallery wall.

3. #neonsign – 665,917 mentions

Photo: urbanoutfitters/Instagram

There’s a lot of buzz behind the neon sign trend. Not convinced? Check out this custom sign in Justin and Hailey Bieber’s master bedroom. If you want to hop on the trend without spending a fortune, tabletop neon signs from retailers like Target and Urban Outfitters are a cheaper alternative.

4. #upcycledfurniture – 331,354 mentions

Photo: eshomesproperty/Instagram

We love a DIY furniture makeover. Instagrammers are sanding down nightstands, repainting dressers and replacing ho-hum hardware like never before. Upcycling reduces waste and it’s typically a helluva lot cheaper than purchasing a furniture item new.

5. #shutters – 327,776 – mentions

Photo: wearetriibe/Instagram

Not gonna lie, this ‘trend’ surprised us a little bit! Interior shutters are certainly practical, but they’ve been around for centuries. Modern iterations add architectural interest and help control the amount of natural light that comes into your home.

6. #kitchenisland – 300,831 mentions

Photo: devolkitchens/Instagram

Kitchen islands have been deemed a middle class ‘status symbol’ by the internet. These functional features serve as a natural gathering spot when entertaining friends and family, but they’re also convenient for food prep and helping the kids with their homework. With so many countertop varieties and design styles to choose from, it’s no wonder Instagram celebrates the island life.

7. #palletfurniture – 194,756 mentions

Photo: thewakefieldwhitehouse/Instagram

Another decor trend that refuses to die is pallet furniture. If you’re keen to DIY some budget furniture of your own, make sure the pallets are pest-free (here’s a helpful guide on how to prep them for projects). Unless you’re working with brand new pallets, stick to outdoor furniture — like a coffee table or vertical plant display.

8. #featurewall – 183,982 mentions

Photo: eichlerpalms/Instagram

The feature wall trend is a renter’s best friend (hey, that rhymes!). Add a splash of color or a pop of pattern to a single wall using a can of paint or removable wallpaper. When it comes to time move out, it’ll take only a bit of elbow grease to get your security deposit back.

9. #macrameplanthanger – 152,431 mentions

Photo: plantbabystudio/Instagram

Instagram rebirthed the macrame trend, which was first popularized in the 70s. Amp up the natural texture and give your plants a groovy place to rest by buying or DIY-ing a macrame hanging planter of your own.

10. #logburner – 146,093 mentions

Photo: wearenativehands/Instagram

I write about interior design for a living an even I had to Google, ‘What is a log burner?’ Apparently, it’s a British term for a pint-sized stove that’s suitable for small spaces. Not only are they safer and cleaner than open fireplaces, they look seriously cute on Instagram when staged with a knit throw and a cup of hot cocoa.

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