What once were houses of worship, are now houses to worship.

This modern-looking home that was built from a 124-year-old Anglican church.

Church conversion melbournemelbourne church homeChurch conversion melbourne 2Church conversion melbourne 1Photos: Bagnato Architects

Located in Melbourne’s Moonee Ponds and designed by Bagnato Architects.

This home with impossibly tall ceilings and an indoor climbing wall.

church homechurch home 3church home 2church home 1Photos: Linc Thelen Design

This beautiful 5,500-square-foot church conversion is located in Chicago.

This quaint Airbnb rental in the English countryside.

England church conversionEngland church conversion 1England church conversion 2England church conversion 3Photos: Evolution Design

Located near Middleton-in-Teesdale, England, a nightly stay will set you back approximately $540 USD.

This church in the Netherlands that was transformed into a lovely loft home.

converted church homeconverted church home 1converted church home 2church house 1church housePhotos: Zecc Architecten

This heavenly home with vaulted ceilings and a private patio pool.

converted church 1converted church 3converted church 2converted church 4converted churchPhotos: WG Architects

Willis Greenhalgh Architects is responsible for this 146-year-old church-to-residential conversion in Brisbane, Australia.

This almost clinical conversion in London’s Notting Hill.

london church conversionlondon church conversion 1london church conversion 2london church conversion 3london church conversion 4Photos: DOS Architects

The two top floors of England’s iconic Westbourne Grove Church were converted into a stunning home by DOS Architects.

This rustic church house.

rustic church conversionPhoto: imgur

This penthouse parish in London, England.

converted church londonconverted church london 1converted church london 2converted church london 3converted church london 4Photos: Gianna Camilotti

All praise goes to interior design firm Gianna Camilotti for this conversion.

This cozy chapel home in Kawartha Lakes, Ontario.

converted church loftConvert church loft 1Convert church loft 2Photos: Apartment Therapy

With a swing in the living room?? Yes, please. Lots more info and images this way.

This spacious home with a mezzanine overlooking the main living area.

converted church houseconverted church house 1converted church house 3converted church house 2converted church house 4Photos: Foxtons

If you’re going to live in a church you best have a grand piano in the living room, if not a chapel organ and full choir. This handsome four-bedroom home is on the market for $15.25 million USD.

This divine apartment with a stunning rose window.

converted-church-1-1Photo: nicholaslafoy

This very open-concept home in the small Dutch town of Haarlo.

open-concept church conversionopen-concept church conversion 1open-concept church conversion 3open-concept church conversion 2open-concept church conversion 4Photos: lksvdd

The master bedroom’s in-suite bathtub overlooks the main living area from a glass-encased loft.

This 3,800-square-foot home in rural Maryland.

opulent church conversionopulent church conversion 1opulent church conversion 2opulent church conversion 3opulent church conversion 4open-concept church conversion 5Photos: homewoodinteriors

Converted from a church that was originally built in the late 1880s.

This angelic house with arches aplenty.

open church conversionopen church conversion 1open church conversion 2open church conversion 3open church conversion 4Photos: alkemie

This rental apartment in Brooklyn’s Spire Lofts.

spire lofts church conversionspire lofts church conversion 1spire lofts church conversion 2Photos: 6sqft

Spire Lofts is a collection of apartments that were converted from New York City’s Saint Vincent De Paul Church at 167 N 6th Street in Williamsburg. More info and images right here.

And finally, the “Church of the Living” in Utrecht, Netherlands.

church-to-residential conversionchurch-to-residential conversion 1church-to-residential conversion 3church-to-residential conversion 2church-to-residential conversion 4Photos: Zecc Architecten

Can’t get enough home conversion projects? Check out our collection of 15 abandoned warehouses that were transformed into totally habitable homes.

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