Collections were meant to be appreciated, not shoved away in a box! Display yours using one of these creative ideas.

1. Use chalkboard paint to mark and label your antique cameras. 

vintage camera display-compressedPhoto: Shawn Hoke/Flickr

Check out Shawn’s film photography website here.

 2. Own a few vintage suitcases? Turn them into a side table.

vintage suitcase display-compressedPhoto:

Read the full post here.

3. Keep crystals and minerals organized in a glass display case. 

mineral collection-compressedPhoto:

More styling tips here.

4. Scour thrift stores for a spoon holder and update it with spray paint.

spoon collection-compressedPhoto:

Additional pictures here.

5. Turn your childhood toys into an awesome lamp.

PicMonkey CollagePhoto: bobbbins/Instagram

6. Create instant wall art with hats.

hats on wall-compressedPhoto: tumblr

7. Or, do the same with ceramic plates.


More photos here.

8. Seashells look striking when placed in a glass display case.

seashell display-compressedPhoto: imgur

9. Built-in shelving makes this colorful teacup collection pop.

teacup display-compressedPhoto:

10. Take your skateboards out of the garage and onto the wall.

skateboards-compressed (2)Photo: imgur

The above photo is of skateboarder Rob Dyrdek’s impressive collection.

11. A shadow box is perfect for showing off vintage keys.

vintage keys-compressedPhoto: imgur

12. Spray paint bulldog clips and attach them to the wall with sticky tack to create a gallery wall with Polaroids.

polaroid gallery-compressedPhoto:

DIY tutorial here.

13. Antique clocks lend rustic charm to a fireplace mantle.

clock display-compressedPhoto:

See more photos of this shabby chic dining room reveal here.

14. Frame your map collection to make a gallery wall.

map collection-minPhoto:

See more photos of this home office reveal here.

15. Antique mirrors are especially pretty when hung from a peg coat rack. 

vintage mirrors-compressedPhoto:

Additional photos here.

16. Hang guitars on the wall to save space and add personality. 

display guitarsPhoto:

DIY tutorial here.

17. Group cow skulls and antlers together to make a feature wall.

cow skulls-compressedPhoto: Pinterest

18. Make this DIY clothes pin scarf holder to show off your faves.

scarf holder-compressedPhoto:

Watch the video tutorial here.

19. Use a recycled bottle as a picture frame *and* a vase. 

picture bottles-compressedPhoto:

Check out the genius tutorial here.

20. Hang antique license places with pegboard.

license plate collection-compressedPhoto: imgur

21. And finally, DIY these vinyl display rails using aluminum channel and drywall screws.

vinyl diy collectionPhoto: imgur

More detailed instructions here.

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