If you’re thinking of remodelling your kitchen, you’re going to want to Pin these ideas for later.

1. This gorgeous cement tile in a starburst-like pattern.

Photo: stonetextile/Instagram

2. This refreshing combo of handmade clay tile and Cambria natural stone.

Photo: witanddelight_/Instagram

3. This hexagon-shape cement tile that allows for creative installation.

Photo: lagreendesigns/Instagram

4. This chic marble tile backsplash arranged in a herringbone pattern.

Photo: jpbombales.photo/Instagram, design by Creating Contrast Designs

5. This metallic 3D hexagonal tile feels luxe and modern.

Photo: BuzzBuzzHome/Instagram, design by Kate + Co. Design Inc.

6. This handmade ceramic tile creates an eye-catching ombre effect.

Photo: onasugardiet/Instagram

7. This black and white porcelain hex tile is simple, yet impactful.

Photo: designer_by_trade/Instagram

8. This iridescent ceramic tile is reminiscent of a mermaid’s tail.

Photo: claytontile/Instagram

9. This custom-cut mosaic tile mixes black, white, gold and grey tones.

Photo: buzzbuzzhome/Instagram, design by Soda Pop Design Inc.

10. This cheerful mosaic design features pops of coral.

Photo: magicbabyvintage/Instagram

11. This graphic backsplash with clay tile and a wood inlay is basically a work of art.

Photo: fireclaytile/Instagram

12. This marble tile backsplash boasts shimmering brass strips.

Photo: caseyhowarddesigns/Instagram

13. This Moroccan fish scale tiles offers a layered look.

Photo: mercurymosaics/Instagram

14. This glazed ceramic tile in an aqua finish feels light and airy.

Photo: younghouselove/Instagram

15. This off-white picket tile is a pretty alternative to subway tile.

Photo: encoreceramics/Instagram

16. This brightly-hued mural tile has a 3D effect.

Photo: hir.ogawa/Instagram

17. This ikat-inspired cermaic tile makes a bold first impression.

Photo: annsacks_losangeles/Instagram

18. This row of 3x12s makes for a beautifully minimal backsplash.

Photo: tilemakestheroom/Instagram

19. And finally, this polished porcelain subway tile adds just the right amount of sheen.

Photo: buzzbuzzhome/Instagram, design by Kate + Co. Design Inc.

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