A DIY job you can complete in a weekend is trim on a dining room wall, painted dark green with a black dining table
Add drama to the dining room with wall trim. Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

DIY jobs that elevate your home’s aesthetic are even better when they can be done quickly, so that you can see and enjoy the results right away. Here are ten easy weekend DIY jobs to spruce up your home, one space at a time. 

Easy built-ins for the home office 

A must in a home office? Storage with style. Custom millwork for built-in shelving is expensive, but you can mimic the built-in look easily and for a fraction of the cost.  

Paint a series of bookshelves the same color and then attach them together after they are dry. Affix them to the wall. Layer trim to fill the gap between the bookcases and the ceiling, for a built-in look. 

Create a breakfast nook in the kitchen 

Homeowners want more function from their kitchens, including a cozy spot to savor morning coffee or have a quick, casual meal. This is why the breakfast nook is rising in popularity.  

It’s easy to create your own. Ideally, you’ll pick a corner off to the side of the main entertainment space for your nook. You can either build your own benches for a banquette, or you can even use existing cabinetry bases that are re-enforced for seating. Fashion a tabletop, fasten it to the floor, and finish the seating with patterned cushions. 

Build a firepit in the yard 

Building a firepit in your backyard is a quick-and-easy DIY job that you’ll get hours of enjoyment out of for years to come. 

Start by finding a level area and removing the sod where you plan to put the firepit. Dig down a few inches (typically between 4-10 inches), and then fill with crushed gravel or sand. Place a metal ring and then stack stone around the perimeter of the ring, securing it in place with a mallet. By sunset, you’ll be roasting marshmallows over the campfire. 

Mini bathroom makeover 

white bathroom vanity with white mirror and plants
Update the bathroom vanity and decor. Photo Credit: Adobe Stock.

Doing a full bathroom reno is a major job, but a mini makeover is a DIY job you can complete in a weekend. Refresh the bathroom by focusing on accents, fixtures and decor. 

  • If you are more advanced with DIY, and are comfortable with plumbing, swap out the vanity. There are lots of stylish units available with cabinetry, counter and sink combined that are relatively easy to install. If this is beyond your DIY comfort level, think about painting the existing vanity for a new look. 
  • Create a focal point with a dramatic mirror over vanity. Trending are large oval or curved mirrors, framed in brass, gold or matte black.  
  • Swap out hardware and fixtures. Long, oversize handles are trending, and so is mixing metals. 
  • Switch faucets and the showerhead to low-flow, eco-friendly options. 
  • Retile the floor. 
  • Finish the space with new linens and accents.  

Experiment with wallpaper in the powder room 

A little-known fact: the powder room is the design-curious homeowner’s favorite room. That’s because it’s typically tucked off to the side, so it is an excellent spot to experiment with bolder colors, wallpaper and other textured finishes. 

Indulge in some decor drama with rich jewel tones or whimsical wallpaper, without committing to a huge space, or a prime, on-view location in the home. If you don’t love it, you can always plan another DIY weekend to swap it out. 

Change light fixtures throughout the home 

When choosing builder upgrades, it is recommended that homeowners go with builder-grade light fixtures, as this is an easy, and usually affordable, DIY down the road. Changing light fixtures can instantly elevate the aesthetic. 

Keep your fixture choices cohesive with the rest of the decor in each room. Be creative, and don’t be afraid to mix metals for greater visual texture. 

Window seat in the bedroom 

A window seat is a DIY job you can complete in a weekend, here with white pillows next to a desk
Fuse an indoor/outdoor connection with a window seat. Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

Fusing an indoor/outdoor connection promotes health and wellness at home, and creating a window seat that offers a lovely view is a great way to do that. You can do this anywhere in the home where there is a window with adequate space around it, but having one in the bedroom makes the room more of a sanctuary, with a pleasant perch to read and relax. 

In a similar fashion to how you would build banquettes for your breakfast nook, either frame a bench, or use cabinet bases to create seating. Top with upholstered pads and throw cushions that complement the bedding. 

With a window seat, keep window treatments to a minimum, ideally with a pull-up blind or shade, rather than drapes that will cut into the view on the sides. 

Wall trim in the dining room 

Dining rooms are typically reserved for special occasions, so elevate the experience by adding something extra on the walls. 

It’s easy to add trim, either in a picture-frame style, in custom shapes and patterns, or as a chair rail, which is classic and elegant. Think about painting the trim the same color as the wall for dramatic effect. 

Create a putting green outside 

You may already have one of the hottest home amenities: a basement golf simulator. Add to at-home training by building a DIY putting green in the yard. 

Pick a level spot and outline the shape of the green on the grass. It doesn’t have to be huge to function as a putting green if space is limited in the yard. Dig up the sod and dig down a few inches, and lay crushed stone, leveling it out. Decide where to place putting hole cups, and make sure there is adequate drainage with piping to direct water away from the green. Roll out artificial turf and fasten the edges. Make it more decorative by edging in paver stones. 

Enhance curb appeal 

Don’t underestimate the value of curb appeal.  

Trim any hedges and prune gardens in the front of the home, to make sure the full impact of your curb appeal can be seen from the street. 

Change outdoor fixtures, and add solar lights or lanterns along the driveway, pathway or front porch. 

The weekend is a good time to tackle exterior painting as well.  

“Choosing the right exterior color can change the feel of the house and gives you a chance to showcase your family’s personality. While dark colors are unique and sophisticated, light exterior colors make a house feel bright and inviting,” says Ashley McCollum, Glidden Paint by PPG color expert. 

You might opt simply for painting the front door in an eye-catching color, or re-painting siding or brick, for a whole-home exterior makeover. 

“For a terrific paint job on the outside of your home, you’ll need a clean, even surface to paint over. The exciting part is choosing your colors, but you’ll also need to clean the exterior, check it for damage and repair or replace rotting boards, scrape and sand any flaking paint, and prime any bare wood. To get the topcoat to stick, the prep work is critical. After prepping, the painting process is fairly quick and can be a lot of fun,” says McCollum.

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