Photo: (From Left to Right) Glen Buttigieg (Vice President of Sales), Onkar Dhillion (Vice President of Operations), Mark Cohen (Managing Partner) and Serena Quaglia (Vice President of Strategy). Image courtesy of TCS Marketing Systems.

The last year and a half has been a transformative period for many. For TCS Marketing Systems, it’s been a time to reflect and determine the next chapter of the company, along with its plans for the new construction industry.

This week, TCS Marketing Systems announced the relaunch of their brand, laying out a new approach for the sales advisory group across the next 15 years. The rebrand will see the creation of a new company website, updated services, and a deeper integration of qualitative and quantitative research in their offerings.

Livabl caught up with Mark Cohen, Managing Partner of TCS Marketing Systems, to learn more about the company’s brand relaunch and plans for the future.

Livabl: Toronto’s housing market has gone through an unprecedented time in history this past year and a half with the challenges of the pandemic, unseasonal market patterns and record-level home sales. Why is now the optimal time for TCS Marketing Systems’ rebrand?

Mark Cohen: COVID-19 shook our world but in a way brought us all closer together. We as a team took the opportunity to look inwards and reflect on how we could better contribute to our developer clients and the real estate agent community at large.

After doing so, we added new, talented and dynamic people to our core team who will bring added value to our services. We automated our internal processes, and we started mapping out the future of our company and what it would look like to best serve the ever-changing needs of a city, region, province and industry in flux. The lockdowns posed the perfect time to refresh our brand with a new look, new website and a refined vision.

Photo: James Bombales

L: After selling new construction projects in over 22 North American markets, how has TCS Marketing Systems evolved over the years? What are the biggest company milestones that stand out to you?

MC: In my 37 years in the pre-construction industry, I have worked on every type of project in every type of market condition. In a constantly-evolving real estate landscape, TCS Marketing Systems has positioned itself as a specialized boutique sales advisory group where every member of the executive team brings years of experience working in-house for developers. This is unique in our business and we have been able to leverage this into building long-standing relationships with our clients who trust our voice and our proven track record.

Over time, we took our experience and enhanced it with research, data and technology to create a truly unique sales program that is customized for each of the projects we work on instead of a “one size fits all” approach. With this bespoke strategy, we have established a track record for transforming unsung neighbourhoods, building brand equity for developers and elevating community values.

Some of our milestones include achieving record-setting prices, helping clients transition from low-rise to high-rise builders, and successfully entering new markets with new product types.

L: Why was the TCS Marketing System’s relaunch needed? How will these changes make a mark in Toronto’s new construction industry and enhance its offerings to clients?

MC: We have a tagline that says: “Experience the difference, the difference is experience.” That really sums it up.

When a developer hires us, we work with them like a partner and we create customized sales programs with our years of experience to support them every step of the way until the very last unit is sold. We believe our team’s unique in-house perspective, in addition to our bespoke approach, enables our clients to really maximize their project revenue in a very congested and heated market.

Photo: James Bombales

L: How long has this brand relaunch been in the works? How did you decide what needed to change, and what went into developing the newest version of TCS Marketing Systems?

MC: Last year, we reached a milestone which was that it had been 15 years since our original vision was born. It gave us an opportunity to look back at our journey. It was this reflection that prompted us to start looking forward to the next 15 years and solidify how we can best help our developer clients establish their legacies.

We are excited about our new team members who will add value to our clients by way of their research, technology, design and project management leadership. Our forward-thinking approach, coupled with our unwavering commitment to teamwork, will enable us to help our clients achieve exceptional results for decades to come.

L: What will the 2021 rebrand entail? How will the TCS Marketing Systems’ website, products and services evolve?

MC: We have a new look, with new colours that reflect the positive direction we are taking — green for going forward! We have refined our services with renewed emphasis on quantitative and qualitative research, best-in-class administrative support and real-time pricing, which clients can contact us to learn more about what this entails.

Working with developers at the very beginning of a project — such as during the land acquisition stage — enables us to provide our clients valuable, proven advice and research before the approvals process.

Because we bring over 37 years to the table and a deep understanding of what sells and why, we advise on various suite and design features that we know work, and together with the builder, we determine how to maximize revenue.

Most importantly, TCS Marketing Systems is able to build a proprietary data system for each of our clients — a unique and valuable offering specific to our approach. We believe our end-to-end support of a project really gives us an advantage and our clients truly embrace this.

Image: New logo, courtesy of TCS Marketing Systems

L: What is your vision for the next 15 years of TCS Marketing Systems? What are the next set of goals and objectives you hope the company can achieve in this next chapter?

MC: At TCS Marketing Systems, our focus on success is unwavering. We seek to work with clients who are passionate about their projects and who, like us, enjoy exceeding expectations. In return, we offer a deeply diverse team of experts who have the discipline to ensure each project maximizes its potential.

With our mission bolstered through experience, we look to continue to set new standards for our industry, challenge ourselves to provide great solutions, and help our clients succeed and shine. I always like to say, “We are selling experience above all else,” and anyone who has worked alongside me and my team can attest to that.

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