Scott Hove guns and ecstasyDieters and carb haters, you might want to take a breather on this slice of unconventional architecture.

Bay Area artist Scott Hove created a baroque mirrored room out of the best building material known to man — cake.

Hove’s “Guns and Ecstasy” exhibit opens today at San Francisco’s Spoke Art. The official name of the cake room is “A Pentagonal Disco Infinity Chamber,” which visitors will be able to enter one by one. The full-baked installation will also feature assault weapons that have been repurposed and slathered with buttercream.

If you think that guns and cake don’t mix, well, that’s on purpose. “I have chosen to give the hyper-masculinized aesthetic of the assault weapon a forced feminization in the form of pretty cake decoration,” Hove said in a statement.

The mixed-media artist has been experimenting with pastry-based building in 2005. “We all love cake and what it signifies,” he writes on his official site. “Celebration. Important occasion. Indulgence. Reward.”

But don’t get your hopes and your appetite up just yet: Hove’s cakes are usually constructed out of a carvable polyurethane sculpting foam, which is shaped with handheld Japanese woodcarving knives and rasps. The “frosting” is thickened acrylic gel, squeezed out of pastry bags and shaped with traditional cake decorating tools.

More photographs of the installation below, courtesy of Spoke Art gallery via Cool Hunting:

Scott Hove guns and ecstasy 2

Scott Hove guns and ecstasy 3

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