Video/photos: Miguel de Guzmán

From Spanish studio Elii Architects comes the Didomestic apartment, a converted loft that was designed to maximize space through the use of flexible rooms and hidden furniture.

Filmmaker Miguel de Guzmán’s video shows off the home’s tract walls and cable-suspended seating and shelving, which can be rearranged or hidden away depending on what the occupants are up to.

Didomestic transforming house-4Didomestic transforming house-5

The living room can be divided into a guest bedroom or open up completely to accommodate a dance party, hammock hangout, or a good old fashioned indoor swing session.

Didomestic transforming house-1Didomestic transforming house-2Didomestic transforming house-7Didomestic transforming house-8

The main bedroom, which also contains the bathroom, is a loft-like space with floor panels that open to reveal a vanity mirror, toiletry storage and tea station.

Didomestic transforming house-3Didomestic transforming house-6

It’s the perfect design for the minimalist who wants to maximize space. If you do dig Didomestic, then you’ll also get a kick out of this eight-room, 420-square-foot Soho apartment by New York designer Graham Hill.

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