Make the most of what you have.

1. White paint creates the illusion of more space.

scandi style

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2. A banquette adds extra seating in a cramped kitchen.

Photo: organic_everything/Instagram

3. Wall mounted hooks keep bags and coats off the floor.

wall hooks

Photo: artillerietstore/Instagram

4. A scaled-down sofa won’t overwhelm the space.

smaller sofa

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5. Awkward architectural details can be used to your advantage.

awkward space

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6. A dresser can double as a bedside table.


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7. Or, place it at the foot of your bed for additional countertop space.

foot of bed-compressed

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8. Steamer trunks make the best coffee tables because they offer plenty of storage.

trunk as coffee table

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9. A room divider makes a “bedroom” feel more intimate and cozy.

room divider

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10. No room for a sofa? Try two lounge chairs instead.

lounge chairs-compressed

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11. Wall-mounted shelves take up far less floor space than bookshelves.

wall mounted shelves

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12. A rolling kitchen cart is perfect for meal prep *and* functions as a dining table.

rolling island

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13. Take advantage of the full height of your ceiling and use a hanger hook to remove clothing items.

full height-compressed

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14. An open back bookcase will visually separate your studio.


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15. Loft your bed and establish a living area underneath.

loft your bed-compressed

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16. Use throw pillows to transform your bed into a comfortable couch when guests come over.

throw pillows

Photo: gravityhomeblog/Instagram

17. And finally, paint your kitchen in a contrasting color to distinguish it from the rest of the space.

kitchen color-compressed

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