Step into my (teeny tiny) office.

1. Maximize storage with open shelving and hanging wire baskets.

Photo: green_moose_shop/Instagram

2. On a budget? This minimalist laptop desk from IKEA only costs $39.99.

Photo: interiorbyvanessa/Instagram

3. A ghost chair makes a cramped corner feel light and airy.


4. Wall art with a message will keep you motivated throughout the day.

Photo: herein.spaziert/Instagram

5. Transform an underused closet into an efficient workstation.

Photo: merchcolony_cville/Instagram

6. Or opt for an under the stairs home office.

Photo: thislittlehouseofours/Instagram

7. Put an awkward corner to good use with floating desk.

Photo: thedesignory/Instagram

8. Modular furniture can turn any room into a home office.

Photo: my_full_house/Instagram

9. Install a sliding door to separate your work life from your home life.

Photo: sarah_bloomdesign/Instagram

10. Incorporate a drop-down desk into custom cabinetry.

Photo: braunadams/Instagram

11. A bedside table does double duty as a chic workspace.

Photo: caitlinwilsondesign/Instagram

12. Loft your bed and design a workspace underneath it.

Photo: workspacegoals/Instagram

13. Carve out a desk in the kitchen for homework or meal planning.

Photo: janelockhartdesign/Instagram

14. Position a desk in front of a juliet balcony for an indoor/outdoor feel.

Photo: garypeppergirl/Instagram

15. And finally, place a narrow desk behind a sofa to create small and stylish workspace.

Photo: undeclared_panache/Instagram

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